The longest game of telephone continues on tonight’s episode of Basketball Wives. The episode pretty lot centers roughly the drama that’s about to go down at Kristen’s upcoming 90s sitcom-themed costume skating party. There’s going to it is in some funny get-ups at that, favor Malaysia as a Clover from carry it On, Evelyn Lozada as Peggy Bundy, and Feby and Kristen in different iterations of Ashley Banks. But hold that thought. 

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We begin the episode v OG being mad in ~ CeCe, that won’t very own what she said about OG. They absolutely need come talk, and also they will eventually. Then we find Jackie telling Jenn and OG that she acquired a cable of DM’s indigenous some guy in Atlanta that that claimed Jenn was saying derogatory things about Malaysia’s kids and also finances. Jenn said she doesn’t know what she’s talking about and that the male is lying, that course. For this reason we’ll view where this goes. 

Jackie, Feby, and also Evelyn acquire together because that a pole dance class yet they don’t really pole dance. This is an ext about them having a kiki. Evelyn mentions the Tami has been working through her daughter on she rap career. That’s once Feby thinks it’s cute to start with the shady talk. You already know, Feby start shading Tami’s age. She says it’s great that Tami is working v her daughter because it way she’s acknowledging that previous her prime. 


Tami it s okay her minute to face Feby. Basically, Tami is meeting v a dialect coach so she can learn how to talk v a british accent. She invite Feby and also OG and goes in after class. Tami directly asks Feby what she said. Feby backtracks again. She claimed she never said Jackie was also old to be rapping, i beg your pardon is true, but she tho lied around talking trash. Instead of gift direct, Feby tries to deflect by informing OG the Evelyn was talking smack about her feet hanging out of she shoes. OG thinks it is childish, which that is, and says she’s going to continue to be unbothered. Then Feby states Jenn was talking smack about Tami too. Later on, OG goes earlier and tells Jackie the Feby said she twisted she words around and also she’s worn down of her being messy. Here we go. 

Now the time for the party! let’s look at few of these get-ups prior to we obtain into the drama!

These women space catty af, however they sure perform know how to present up and show out! Evelyn specifically nailed the Peggy Bundy look. 

Ok, let’s get into the drama in ~ the party. Kristen jumps right right into the smack that Jennifer and also Dominique have been (allegedly) talking around Malaysia and also her kids. Malaysia desires specifics so when Jenn and Dominique to walk in she wastes no time asking what to be said. Jenn and also Dominique deny ever before talking about her.. Malaysia leaves it alone because that now and even Evelyn states she thinks they’re telling the truth. Climate Jackie comes in and also by currently they realize she’s the common denominator. Malaysia confronts her and everything walk downhill. They finish up in each other’s faces, sleep to nose, bickering ago and forth.

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Security at some point pulls lock apart however Jackie’s friend, part random man, beginning popping off and also makes points worse. And we end the episode with Jackie grabbing a chair and also trying to throw it in ~ Malaysia.