since I updated mine nexus 7 2013 come 4.4.2 I have actually an concern where my display screen rotation is locked there is no any way to return that to typical (even after transforming on/off the auto lock feature). Not sure if this is happening come a lot of of people out there, however the only way to settle it is to rotate the tablet off for a couple of seconds and turn it earlier on. My inquiry is, is there a means to reset the rotation indigenous a software program perspective? Is There any type of service the I can start and also stop. I should make sure this is no hardware related and also that possibly the best means to check it.

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Rebooting right into Safe mode fixed the issue for me somehow.

To go boot right into Safe Mode:

1) lengthy Press on the power switch for 1 second.

2) in the power off menu that appears, press and also hold the strength Off option.

3) A Reboot into Safe setting dialog will appear, Click Ok to boot into safe mode.

After you have booted once right into safe mode, check if your auto rotation is working. If the is working then good, reboot normally. If not, then it is most most likely a hardware issue and also get your nexus 7 replaced/repaired through Asus.


I usage an application called Adaptive Rotation.

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It to add the capability to rotate the screen in any type of orientation and it stays that way. So as soon as apps want to revolve your screen and also you want it in Landscape, it remains in landscape, or every little thing your preferred orientation is.

As its software it need to fix your issue.


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