Attack ~ above Titan prepares because that a homecoming and also looks to the future in a calm, contemplative mid-season finale.

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One that “Night of the fight to retake the Wall’s” legacy is the it takes part time to let these personalities act your age and also be normal people again, even if it’s just for one night. It feels prefer it’s literally to be forever due to the fact that Eren and Conny can just shoot the shit and also mess around. The gang all gain to job-related out their aggression and pent increase emotions prior to the next challenge presents itself. Every one of those moments administer a genuine emotional facility to the show as it prepares for something bigger. These may not it is in the flashiest scenes, yet they harken back to a calmer version of this display that there is no been approximately in a while.

It’s likewise worth mentioning that this episode hasfifteenfreaking computer animation directors! Talk about going the end in style. In the situation of this episode, all of that manpower isn’t going into crazy, complex air battles, but instead in the smaller sized details of every scene, like exactly how the sunlight shines in with windows or shots the a deliciously ready meal. It’s just an incredibly polished episode that’s emblematic of the solid look that the show can produce. The short scenes that the stampede of steeds in motion are just gorgeous to take it in and on the entirety this whole season has provided some remarkable visuals.

“Night of the fight to take back the Wall” end on a highly triumphant note where anyone loves and also supports the Scouts as they head out into unchartered territory. Because that once, mankind is suspiciously optimistic about what’s to come. It is a solid place narratively to end this half of the season, yet of course we understand that the Reisses were no the finish of this danger and also that plenty an ext impossible opponents are still out there. The hazard of Bertholdt, Reiner, and also their mysterious friend still await Eren and agency in Shiganshina upon your return. Plus, there’s still a basement of tricks to unlock and put to rest.

Attack top top Titanliterally rides off into the sunset (which is on the east in this world, not the west, by the way) on an assertive, courageous note, however then the pulls off a huge mic drop throughout the finish credits that type of reframes everything. The end credits appear to “glitch out” and also fast-forward come future events between Eren, Levi, and Mikasa. It’s a wall-breaking move that feel much much more like it’s out of the playbook ofJojo’s Bizarre Adventure, but it absolutely grabs her attention. Mikasa explodes on Levi after ~ he and also Eren have pertained to blows and also it’s justfireand precisely how come get world hungry because that what’s to come next.

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It might seem prefer all is well, however this “preview” to less details times is clearly significant. Has actually Levi lastly put his Titan serum to use? Levi asks Eren and Mikasa the emotional question, “You guys…Do you have the faintest damn clue what she doing?”Attack on Titanwants that hesitation to fuel what’s to come in part two.