Well readers deserve to you believe it, we made it to the finish of the very first run of the series. I would have actually never imagined that when I started this blog 3 year ago, the I would be in ~ this point. Ns hope you have all enjoyed the walk under memory lane through me. It has actually truly to be an incredible endure for me come relive all of these episodes, and also then to have the ability to relive the blog via the new podcast.

I recognize you can be thinking, since this is the collection finale, is this the finish of the blog? Well ns don’t have a concrete price to that question, I can always try and discover episodes native the an initial reboot, wherein Tucker takes over The Gary’s role of head Midnight society member, and also let’s not forget the reboot from just last year. I really enjoyed that mini collection and it obtained picked up for another season.

Let’s go out with a bang! The illustration starts v the Midnight culture minus The Gary huddled approximately the campfire. Stig checked out fetch an ext firewood. Stig asks the team “What wake up if he doesn’t show?” Betty Ann claims “He’ll show” and if he doesn’t Tucker has the solution.

“Come on, guys no fighting”- Tucker together The Gary

He goes and sits in the storyteller’s chair and whips out a pair that glasses because that an instant impression that The Gary. Tucker claims “Comes on, guys no fighting. The rules say no fighting, so no fighting.” Kiki theatre along and also says “So, Gar what’s her story around tonight?” Tucker claims “It’s around magic. Ns love magic, and you perform too since I’m the boss, and also the rules say girlfriend gotta prefer what ns like.” then Stig takes that a little too much by speak “Yeah, we hear you prefer Samantha.” Betty Ann is fast to blame him, and also Tucker proceeds “Samantha, what a babe. I have actually a snapshot of she in my room. It’s right next to my bed. In fact, ns declare this conference closed for this reason I have the right to go home and look at it right- – . ” Sam looks yes, really uncomfortable at just how the conversation is turning into usually it is around her and also how hot she is to The Gary. Simply than The Gary shows up and the rest of the gang is laughing.

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“What did you say Tucker?”- The Gary

Tucker hands end the glasses come The Gary and also he states that he is not mad together Tucker just proved a allude to his story. Sam additionally looks relieved to check out Gary. The Gary claims “You just proved the everyone has a one-of-a-kind talent. In your case, it’s gift a complete idiot. However everybody else has a positive talent that provides them special. Some people sing, others room really smart. Some draw, some play an tool (I attract narwhals and also cows with anime eyes). However those are all evident talents. Some human being have talents that are hidden, waiting for someone or miscellaneous to lug them out. If you’re among those people, you much better hope that once you uncover your talent, it’s miscellaneous you can control, or it might control you.” The Midnight culture all look yes, really impressed, particularly Stig. The Gary choose up the bag of Nondairy powdered coffee creamer and says “Submitted because that the approvial of the Midnight Society, I speak to this story… The tale of Badge.”

This is Gwen she is 16

We are presented to Gwen, and its her 16th Birthday, but is overshadowed through her little brother Trevor, who just won first place in ~ the scientific research fair. Grandma Willy can see the Gwen is visibly upset, so she walk to her dresser and gets a glow red necklace. The necklace is sitting on peak of a wood box labeled “Badge”, which kind of moves. Willy tells the box “We’ll have actually none of that, now. Behave yourself.” the box calms down and she opens it to reveal a flue and what ns guess is a part of the Zeo decision (If her a strength Rangers fan you’ll acquire the reference).

Gwen is currently in she room practicing her flute playing skills. She is having actually trouble hitting a certain note, once Willy start the room to cheer she up. Willy phone call her the end for being jealous around her brothers winning a blue ribbon, once Gwen should be gaining the fist as that is she birthday. Gwen denies this at very first but 보다 admits that yes the has every little thing to execute with her younger brother.

Grandma Willy

Gwen go on to say “How come he acquired all the brains, and also all i obtain is ordinary?” I have the right to relate come this for this reason much, no feeling favor you fit right into a piece or a crowd. Gift the outsider looking in. Willy tells Gwen “You’re anything yet ordinary, my dear, and also your birthday’s really very important… specifically this one.” It’s almost as if Gwen is walk to uncover out she is a magician or perhaps a witch from the speech. Willy overcome on the box to Gwen, and also Gwen has a substantial smile on her face.

This is yours, and also yours alone

Willy claims “My grandmother provided me this chest on mine 16th birthday, together did her grandmother prior to her. However this… is yours, and also yours alone. It’s really special, as with you. Gwen mentions the it looks choose Willy’s necklace. The necklace is referred to as a Jasper. Gwen is pleased and thanks Willy. Willy then claims “And now I desire you to view something. This book–“, but the two are interrupted by Gwen’s mother. Her mother mentions the the band instructor dubbed to her the Gwen has actually quit the band. Willy is troubled by the news and also Gwen states “I wasn’t any good.” Willy claims “You couldn’t be more wrong. Music is your gift. Ns know. Friend must construct it.” Mom informs Gwen that she needs her to clock Trevor, as the band instructor wants to accomplish with lock after the parental night.

Trevor the wunderkind

Gwen states “Willy, will certainly your babysit please, please?” but Willy cannot due to a ladies club meeting, ns guess she has huge plans to play Bingo or perhaps knit a scarf. Willy it s okay up and also leaves, yet tells Gwen they will talk more about the book the next day. Gwen then notifies her mother that she has actually a party to walk to and that she cannot clock Trevor. However the Babysitters club does no exist, therefore she is out of luck and also must watch her brother.


Trevor sees Willy put the box ago into her dresser and where she keeps the key. He walks away v a devilish smile. Dad and also mom are obtaining ready to leave and also should be home roughly 10, Willy should be home at 8. Gwen is told that as soon as Willy return she have the right to go to the party. So ns guess it is a happy compromise, as they leaving they wish her a happy birthday. Willy than turns to Trevor and also says “And together for you, primum non nocere.” Gwen asks what that method and Trevor states “First execute no harm.” Gwen and Trevor exchange words and also go there separate ways, v Trevor breaking into Willy’s room to check out the box.

Stronger 보다 before! go Zeo

Trevor blows into the whistle and the Zeo crystal starts glowing! Gwen yells in ~ Trevor, and also tells that to obtain out that Willy’s room. Trevor leaves package with the glow Zeo crystal exterior on a windowsill ns guess. Gwen than asks Trevor what that sound was and also Trevor says he did not hear anything. And also Gwen tells him to just stay the end of the room. Trevor is simply kind of stroked nerves at this point, choose Eric level annoying.

Trevor being self goes back into Willy’s room just to see the external on fire, there is a lot of smoke and also a earthquake follows together with a strength outage. Even the call is out. Every one of a sudden over there is a knock in ~ the door and Gwen asks that it is, come which a male replies “I’m in search of Setterwind.” Gwen claims “There’s no one right here by the name. Why don’t friend go next door?” The male than claims “Come in, might I?” ( maybe she is talking to Yoda). The man proceeds ” one accident. There’s been an accident.” Gwen speak the man where the gas terminal is located. She 보다 looks v the peephole and also sees nothing. The door knob rattles and also we listen Willy speak “Gwen, i forgot my tricks again, dear.” with a sigh the relief, Gwen opens the door, yet it is not Willy it is this guy.

Returned has actually Badge

Badge is some sort of evil irish or perhaps Scottish badger, and he has actually returned to clear up a score again Willy.

Badge phone call Gwen Setterwind and approaches her fairly aggressively prior to saying “Not the Setterwind.” Gwen is choose in tears and also says “Who are you? What execute you want?” Badge says “Badge, i am. Whereby is it?” Trevor than pipes up in a high-pitched screech and says “Let she go!” badge asks wherein the Setterwind is and then throw Trevor right into the exhilaration filled backyard.


Badge claims “Bring me the Setterwind. Gwen 보다 goes outside looking because that Trevor, yet it is now Badge’s swap. She falls down and finds the box with the flute and also Zeo crystal. Badge’s swap looks like a soul Halloween store. She 보다 overhears argorial saying “Six centuries, six long centuries, trapped in the wretched prison, i was.” Gwen asks where Trevor is and also Badge states “Bring me the Setterwind. Trade for it, i will.” Gwen tells badge “I don’t have actually the Setterwind. Ns don’t even know what one is. ” Badge states “Young you are … kept me trapped the Setterwind did, because that 12 lifetimes. However now free, ns am. Setterwind magic is no complement for mine.” So badge doesn’t outright to speak it, yet the Setterwind is Willy. Willy is some sort of wonder witch who trapped badge in the Zeo crystal and now badge desires to hang she in his garden.

Willy Setterwind

Gwen opens and also goes through the publication that Willy do the efforts to display her earlier. She finds illustrations of every the Setterwinds. She eventually sees a illustration of Willy and finds out that she is a Setterwind. She likewise learns the she, herself is additionally a Setterwind or should I speak Settergwen. Gwen than realizes the Badge desires revenge ~ above Willy. I simply want to suggest out that every time Gwen says Willy, she has actually an odd ireland accent. Quiet Gwen it s okay up and puts top top the Jasper and it starts come glow.

Go walk Gwen Ranger

Which either means she is now the Setterwind or she is the new Red power Ranger. Gwen is quiet in disbelief. Gwen starts come recite the city “The Jaspers light. To bind the goblin.” She than goes back into Badge’s garden.

simply as Gwen beginning Badge’s garden, Willy comes earlier home and she deserve to feel the in her jellies the something is wrong. Gwen goes in search of Badge and also asks him to present himself come her. Badge appears to her. Gwen states “I want my brothers back.” and also its the same ago and fourth of where’s the Setterwind with Badge. Ns am starting to think Badge has actually OCD. Gwen speak Badge that she is not going come let the hurt Willy. Gwen climate recites the poem “I speak to upon the Jasper’s light to tie the goblin in Setterwind might.” The Jasper is glowing at this allude and Willy is running as much as the home as quick as a geriatric can. However nothing happens. Badge says “Young you are, Setterwind power not yet strong.” Gwen make the efforts again to contact upon the Jasper’s light, she is acquiring frustrated and also Badge starts to chase her.

Setterwind Power!

Just 보다 Willy appears and also says “Play the song Gwen. Music is her gift– the song.” and Gwen is transported the end of Badge’s garden. Once Gwen opens the door again, the garden has vanished. Now Gwen has actually to figure out what tune she requirements to play and also fast if she desires to ever before see Trevor or Willy again. Prefer I’d understand if she didn’t desire to check out her brother, but I think she really is attached come Willy. Gwen looks down at the box labeled Badge and see music note on top and also realizes the the notes room B-A-D-G-E. We now go ago to the garden where Badge has actually a noose and Willy tells him, the he is walking to it is in disappointed.

Music Notes!

Gwen opens up the box and also takes the end the flute. Simply as badge is telling Willy “Mine, the Jasper will be… along with the Setterwind magic. Life… there’s none. No power has actually the Jasper. Why?” come which Willy simply kind of has this gotcha look at on she face. Gwen than starts to play the tune of argorial on the flute together the Zeo crystal starts to glow. Willy explains to Badge that he is too late and that she pass the gift off to she granddaughter Gwen. Argorial is no sent ago into the box.

Back to the box

Gwen is pleased v herself and also looks in ~ the flute through pride. She is currently the Setterwind. Trevor comes earlier into the house and Gwen is overjoyed. Trevor states “I knew you’d come v for me.” Gwen wonders wherein Willy can be and also she reappears. Willy claims “And Badge? back where he belongs, ns see.” Gwen tells Willy that she walk not understand what has actually happened. Willy reassures her the she will certainly understand and says “The Setterwind magic has been handed down from grandmother to granddaughter for centuries. But with that magic come a tomb responsibility. We’re the guardians the this box and also the monster within of it. That’s the evil component of our magic the will never ever be released.” Willy climate returns the flute to the box, wherein the Zeo decision is now glowing red. Fine Trevor is having actually none the it and also says “That’s it? mine sister’s some type of witch? and all she it s okay to carry out is babysit a boogeyman in a box? That’s weak.” Willy walks roughly him and also hums, and also somehow wipes his memory.

There is ice Cream in the freezer- Willy

Gwen is impressed. And also Willy states “There are numerous things to know around the Setterwind magic, and also you’ll discover them all. Happy birthday Gwen. You’re indeed a really special girl.” She says this together she hand over package containing Badge and Gwen has a huge smile on her face.

We are than taken ago to the Midnight culture for the critical time and The Gary claims “Everyone has their very own special talent, and also Gwen discovered out that hers was far an ext special 보다 she could’ve ever hoped for… yet. Everyone really took pleasure in the story. I additionally just realized the The Gary never actually says the end. Stig educates the group he has actually special talent and also gets approximately demonstrate. Sam asks if it will certainly be gross. Stig’s distinct talent is howling like a wolf and the wolfs howl back. The group all type of look at concerned. Betty Ann stands up and also says “Uh, gotta go.” She is easily followed by both Sam and also Kiki. Tucker follows than and also The Gary puts out the fire one critical time. The Gary likewise never declares that the meeting is closed.

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Moira’s final thought:

I appreciated this story and felt it to be a an excellent story because that The Gary to end on. I am wonder if it was intention the The Gary never ever said the end or the he did no declare the meeting over, sort of prefer a means of speak We will certainly be back. I sort of wished that Badge was more menacing as a antagonist, as I feel he was underwhelming. The actor, basically had actually like 4 various lines. I would certainly have additionally like come see past Setterwinds come together to help Gwen.

Well folks that is all, this to be the last episode to be reviewed/ summarized. I am no sure how to feel about being totally down through the whole run of the first series. We shall view if between the Podcast and also the review/summary that the 2019 miniseries, if I have actually time to go through the first reboot series where Tucker take away over.

So for currently all I need to say is Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I speak to this story The story of Moira’s fear of the Dark? (But not really) Season 5 illustration 13 The story of Badge, Blog posting over.

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