Studio: second Sight UKRelease Date: November 30th, 2018 (theatrical) / December 2nd, 2019 (blu-ray)Run Time: 97 mins (UK theatrical) / 108 mins (extended version)Region Code: FREEPicture: 1080p (2.37:1 element ratio)Sound: English DTS-HD master Audio 5.1 English DTS-HD grasp Audio 2.0Subtitles: English SDHSlipcover: YesDigital Copy: NoStarring: Ella Hunt, Malcolm Cumming, sarah Swire, Christopher Leveaux, Ben Wiggins, and also Marli SiuWritten by Alan McDonald and Ryan McHenryDirected by john McPhailRating: 15 (strong violence, gore, language)THE FILM

When the zombie apocalypse hits the sleepy town of tiny Haven - at Christmas - teenager Anna and her high school friends have to fight, sing and also dance come survive, v the undead horde all approximately them. Teaming up v her ideal friend John, Anna has to fight her way through zombified snowmen, Santas, elves and Christmas shoppers to get throughout town come the high school, wherein they"ll it is in safe. However they soon find that gift a teens is simply as an overwhelming as staying alive, even at the end of the world.Anna and the Apocalypse
concerned my attention throughout the later part of 2018 as soon as my local AMC theater beginning throwing the film’s trailer in former of everything. Every time I went to the theater I observed that trailer. I was prepared to watch this film. Hell, they even put the poster up which signified that the film was coming to the theater. The release day was November 30th, just in time for Christmas.

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November 30th came and also went and no movie. I asked AMC top top Twitter and also they claimed that the theatrical run was “limited” and also wasn’t going come play in mine area. Ns was crushed. I really want to watch a zombie music in the theater. I had to resolve for VOD as soon as it just popped up one day.My initial reaction to the film is the same feeling I have actually for it now. I LOVE THIS FILM. The music is attractive (although, if you watch the distinct features had on this blu-ray girlfriend will pertained to hate one of the songs), characters that we actually like and also want to check out make it all the means through, and also some really impressive gore given the film’s meager budget.The just downfall to the film is the villain. Ns really don’t favor it once movies encompass a villain as soon as one isn’t needed. Sure, the actor playing the rogue does a marvelous job, yet the character is rather annoying and has among the worst songs in the film. Had they cut him out totally and focused an ext on the characters that mattered, the film would have been a slam dunk.Still, the film is a lot of fun and instantly quotable. The song are an excellent and the actors do such a good job creating three-dimensional characters that we care about. Over there is talk about making one more film and I welcome that. I would certainly say that I will be there opening day, but we saw just how that turned out for this film.THE snapshot AND THE SOUND

Presented in the film’s original aspect ratio the 2.37:1 (which is a yes, really weird element ratio), Anna and the Apocalypse looks really great. The movie is a low spending plan affair and it walk show and something girlfriend will have to deal with when city hall the film. Color are an excellent with the Christmas lights giving the movie a distinct look that various other Christmas themed movie (*cough* black color Christmas 2019 *cough*) must have. Detail is high and also skin tones watch natural.The contained 5.1 track handles the songs with ease, providing us a pretty soundscape on a low budget. Conversation is crisp and clear.THE PACKAGING



key 1: U.K. Theatrical variation (1h 37m 40s, HD)
Audio Commentary through director, writer, and also composers
Behind the scenes (24m 45s, HD)
A relatively standard do of that was done throughout the do of the film. We obtain a short history of the film, a look in ~ the dance choreography, and a collection tour, amongst other things.
original Opening principle (1m 58s, HD)
The movie was an alleged to open up with a deranged spring Santa Claus walking with an outdoor mall when everyone around him sang a song. The scene was partially shot, yet the weather make it difficult to continue.
deleted Scene (2m 30s, HD)
Anna and Steph speak in the bathroom longer before discovering the cleaning lady in the stall.
Deleted tune (3m 4s, HD)
Anna and her dad were supposed to have a track about her farming up but still being his tiny girl. The is a sweet song that would have actually stopped the film dead in the tracks.
“Hollywood Ending” Cast and also Crew Dubs (4m 7s, HD)
right here the cast and also crew space seen during various phases of manufacturing lip-syncing the tune “Hollywood Ending”.
Edinburgh movie Festival clip (5m 53s, HD)
The cast goes to the Edinburgh Film Festival whereby they have actually a many fun and also perform the tune “Hollywood Ending” for people on the street.

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The making of Anna and also the Apocalypse (1h 24m 49s, HD)
This is just about as thorough a documentary around the film that you are ever going to get. This was shot after the movie had already wrapped and also the actors had actually moved top top to various other things. Everything about the film the you would desire to recognize is extended here and in a most detail. I found this a bit too lot as the doc is shot and edited an extremely dryly, yet it is worth a look.
Original quick Film “Zombie Musical” (18m 37s, HD)
This is the movie that collection the totality thing in motion. The short is quite rough, gift shot for something prefer $3000, and also the songs room not all that great, however the film has actually a nice power going on and also it doesn’t overstay the welcome.THE CONCLUSION