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2.48 / 5.00.5 from 600 ratings
#1,354 for 1994

hateful, noisy, vulgar, satirical, nihilistic, lo-fi, aggressive, angry, chaotic, misanthropic, humorous, pessimistic, male vocals, raw

cryptobard Oct 03 2011 0.50 stars
I like the sentiment expressed by the title, but unfortunately they really hadn't come into their own at this point - where are the funny track titles? That's the only thing the other albums had going for them.

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faust3d Mar 05 2008 4.00 stars
Hilarious grind/noise core. When I am in the mood for some sick noisy shit I put this on. Seth is nuts and sick in the head. Too bad the guy ODed and now in an invalid, but I guess this is what happens when you don't give an fuck about anything.
AKheon Mar 14 2021 2.50 stars
Everyone Should be Killed is the first album by Anal Cunt, released in 1994.* Genre: grindcore / noisecore.* Instruments: drums, guitars and vocals (screams, growls).* Tempo: changes frequently, ranges from slow to very fast.* Production: raw, heavy.* Themes: misanthropy, humor.* Mood: manic, violent, comical.Arguable pros:+ The album is full of harrowing energy. Most of the tracks are short and chaotic blasts of grind- or noisecore, but there are a few surprising twists to the formula here and there as well. For instance, "Song *5" is a slow, grinding affair with elements from doom metal. The playful titles, unstructured songwriting and odd call-backs to popular culture make some of the tracks seem like inside jokes, and it's sometimes hard to tell what the band was thinking when they were making this album.+ Seth Putnam does brilliantly abrasive screams, growls and other noises that complete the inhospitable soundscape with a sense of cold derangement.+ The production is generally good. It's raw and grimy, complementing the violence in the music quite well.Arguable cons:- The album is monotonous. It's impressively long for a grindcore album at a nearly 1 hour, but you could argue that most of its runtime is filler. Without much melody, variety or even a convincing context, the tracks end up being a faceless blur of frantic drumming and feverish screams. It doesn't really doesn't excel at much else than noisiness. Music can be a powerful thing, but for better or worse, Anal Cunt have dedicated themselves to being anti-music.- The themes are a mixed bag. The album cover and title suggest over-the-top misanthropy while the song titles are usually comical and weird. The music clearly has a satirical element to it, and it seems to mock both itself and its audience. The sheer ironic detachment makes it seem that the band doesn't really care much... so, why should the listener?Overall...Everyone Should be Killed is around 5 / 10. Has a limited appeal.
One of the gold standards of Noisecore to me. Almost an hour of thundering noise that comes comes off as a simultaneous mockery and celebration of metal and punk, all wrapped up in an absurd sense of humor. The chromatic chaos of two randomly played, ultra-distorted detuned guitars turns into an impenetrable wall of distortion, backing Seth Putnam's primal scream freakouts and the drummer losing his shit. The songs have recognizable elements that keep them from becoming samey (The brief pause into "1-2, 1, Waaaagh!" in Some Songs fills me with joy). But at the same time, the core repetitive nature of the album becomes part of the joke. Ten minutes of random noise isn't funny. An hour of random noise is, if only for the greater effort that went into it. Same with the song titles. The fact that the band bothered to name these indistinguishable blasts (and funny names at that) suggests a great devotion to this ridiculous idea. It's the same kind of comedy to be found in ridiculous world records. So much effort went into such a dumb idea. Even the production (normally the least cared-for part of a noisecore album) deserves accolades for making the distorted blasts clear enough to be appreciated for textural differences, without sanitizing it at all.This album is complete trash and I love it.
AC's first album on Earache was also the beginning of the "song title" era, and also kind of a transitional album from the early improvised noise blasts to the slightly more structured stuff that came later. If you think this type of stuff is fundamentally worthless then there will be no convincing you that this record is good, but these violent bursts of noise and Seth's manic screeching will always be a delight to my ears. One of their best records.
Brilliant noisy grindcore with some screaming, gutteral sounds as well as growling. High brutality factor, and a smooth and pleasant rape of the listeners ears and brains, yet highly loveable.

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Aimant le grind ,je fis l'erreur d'acheter ça...Mais sans doute parce que je ne maitrise pas assez bien la langue de shakespeare leur humour m'echappe par contre ce qui ne m'echappe pas c'est que le groupe se fout bien de la gueule de l'acquereur de cette galette.Sur de très rares titres on sent bien du potentiel mais autour de tant de titres merdiques où borborygmes se substituent au "chant" et bruit à la musique car cela est censé être de la musique quand même bordel !!!On va me sortir que c'est du deuxieme degrés blablabla....mon cul !!! c'est même pas inspiré et puis à part pour faire frémir les grands mères et les adolescentes impressionnables qui peut prétendre fredonner cette bouse sous la douche ?Des groupes de grind il y en a tellement de bons Agathoclens ,les premiers Napalm Death et Carcass,Terrorizer,Brutal truth etc... qu'investir la dans A.C. serait on ne peut plus hasardeux voire regrettable.J'imagine qu'il y a des fans de ce genre de ...choses ,j'ai faillis dire musique !!! mais franchement trop c'est trop et là c'est vraiment la goutte de merde qui fait déborder le pot de chambre.