Amos N. Wilson - Blueprint for black color Power: A Moral, Political, and Economic Imperative because that the Twenty-First Century quantity


Afrikan life right into the coming millennia is imperiled by White and also Asian power. True strength must colony in the property of the real estate where Afrikan civilization dwell. Financial destiny determines biological destiny. Blueprint because that Black power details a master plan for the power revolution necessary for black survival in the 21st century. White therapy of Afrikan Americans despite a myriad of theories explaining White behavior, at some point rests top top the truth that they can. Lock posses the power to do so. Together a power differential should be neutralized if Blacks room to prosper in the 21st century.

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Afrikan Americans earn a take-home salary of near $500 billion yearly, no to cite the millions lock generate. However they retain only 5% of this income. Viewed as a nation, their economy would it is in the 8 hours to 9th largest in the world! Afrikan americans possess enormous potential to amass effectual social, political and economic power and also this control their destiny and also secure their liberation. Professor Wilson says that to be the Africkan American community to check out itself as indeed a de facto nation, then its scourges that poverty, disemployment, crime, mis-education, wanton consumerism, alienated/deficit spending, misleadership and powerlessness would certainly be significantly reduced, if not eliminated.

Blueprint posits the an Afrikan American/Caribbean/Pan-Afrikan bloc would certainly be most potent for the generation and also delivery of Black power in the joined States and also the civilization to counter White and Asian power networks. Wilson frames this imperative by deconstructing the U.S. Elite power structure of government, political parties, think tanks, corporations, foundations, media, interest groups, banking and also foreign investment particulars. Potentially solid Black organizations as the church, media, think tanks; industry; collectives such as invest clubs and also credit unions; rotating credit transaction associations such together Afrikan-originated esusu, tontine. And also partner room analyzed. Pan-Afrikanism, black color Nationalism, ethnocentrism and also reparation space assessed, frequently misused and also underused financial organizations as securities, shared funds, stocks, bonds, underwriting, and incubators advocated, hence elucidating oft-negated methods for financial empowerment. Blueprint deligitmates White power and roundly critiques the black sycophantic bourgeois spiritual leadership facilities for their historic moralizing of black color socio-economic conditions and also programmatic ineptitude. Wilson alerts the consequences of black color obsolescence –biological annihilation!

Aptly titled, Blueprint because that Black power stops no at critique yet prescribes radical, useful theories, frameworks and approaches because that true power. It gives a biting look right into Black potentially. This 900-page writing is a journey into the protracted.

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