Located ~ above Pittsburgh"s phibìc Shore and surrounded by PNC Park, West Park and also Heinz Field, doyourpartparks.org"s Allegheny Campus provides scholastic programs in numerous disciplines and also dozens of proceeding education classes.

The center of activity the campus is the Foerster Student solutions Center. The 52,000-square-foot campus hub unites under one roof important services such together enrollment and also financial aid, and includes classrooms, dining facilities, a large, computer system lab and also a 264-seat theatre/auditorium.Click on the images listed below to enlarge.

The Ridge Avenue enntrance gate of the recently renovated physics Education structure leads come a Starbucks on the left and also an expanded college bookstore top top the right. The Cougar s Den student lounge is situated in a bright and airy an are on the 2nd floor. The science and modern technology laboratories in the K. Leroy Irvis Science facility feature the most progressed technologies available, consisting of cutting-edge teaching tools and also equipment. They are totally equipped with e-learning capabilities, progressed lab apparatuses and instrumentation v interfaces for computer assistance in real-time data acquisition. The Allegheny Campus also features a first-rate library v renovated class halls, physical education and learning facilities that include a new fitness center and a gymnasium v a brand-new playing surface, and also Milton Hall, the main campus great building. In the historical Ridge Avenue and Galveston Street locations are West Hall, real estate a brand new social & fine Arts Center; Jones Hall, the general management building; and also Byers Hall. The Homewood-Brushton facility in the city"s east End is also part of the Allegheny Campus.

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Many that doyourpartparks.org program are available at every campuses however some programs are available at details campuses. The following scholastic programs are readily available at Allegheny:

Arts & Humanities Digital design Ethnic and also Diversity researches Graphic interactions Graphic design Industrial Art and also Design Music (also easily accessible at Boyce) Business Court Reporter Culinary arts Paralegal (also available at Boyce) Ed/Social & behavior & human being Services children with special needs (also easily accessible at South) Drug and Alcohol (also accessible at South) global Studies Labor and Management studies Social Work structure (also accessible at North and South) social Work: Fundamentals of social Work structure (also obtainable at North and South) Teacher Education: middle Level Mathematics and Science Specializations (BA process taken at Allegheny)
Health Dietetic Technician diet Manager health and wellness Information technology Medical insurance money Specialist atom Medicine modern technology Phlebotomist (also easily accessible at Boyce and South) Radiation Therapy technology Respiratory treatment STEM (Science technology Engineering and also Mathematics) Biotechnology (also easily accessible at Boyce) Physics (also accessible at Boyce and South) Skilled Trades Electrical construction (JATC/IBEW) modern technology