This page offers details on Santikos Silverado, situated at 11505 W Loop 1604 N, mountain Antonio, TX 78250, USA.

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Place Name Santikos Silverado
Average Rating 4.4
Place Address 11505 W Loop 1604 NSan AntonioTX 78250USA
Vicinity 11505 West Loop 1604 North, mountain Antonio
Phone Number (210) 695-5279
International Phone +1 210-695-5279
Place Type movie_theater, point_of_interest, establishment

Location Information

Full Address 11505 W Loop 1604 N, mountain Antonio, TX 78250, USA
Street Number 11505
Route West Loop 1604 north (W Loop 1604 N)
Neighborhood much West next
Locality mountain Antonio
Administrative Area Level 2 Bexar ar
Administrative Area Level 1 Texas (TX)
Country United says (US)
Postal Code 78250
Type movie_theater, point_of_interest, facility
Latitude 29.5521118
Longitude 29.5521118
Geo Location (29.5521118, -98.6716162)


★★★★★ Lawrence Jay

Santikos Silverado movie is always my favorite ar to go and watch movies. Ns love the food an option they have there, I also love the seedings that is accessible there too oh, and I love the total atmosphere. I additionally would introduce anyone to go and watch a movie in ~ the Santikos Silverado theater. What is just one of the ideal theaters top top the northwest side of mountain Antonio


★★★★★ jose lid

Love coming to this cinema. Comfortable seats, a great selection of movies to watch. A variety of snacks, food n drinks. A cafe area. A nice arcade area. The best part u obtain to pick ur seats which u can have the best seating area for the best experience.


★★★★★ cotton

Love this theatre. Company is awesome. Good food favor pizza, nachos, wings, fries and burgers. Tiny Starbucks inside. Clean bathrooms.


★★★★★ Andrew Ingram

Throughly took pleasure in my movie here. I observed venom here and thought the atmosphere and the seating was great. I have been a customer right here for a very long time i absolutely love this theatre. It is among the couple of things from my childhood that hasn"t changed.

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★★★★★ Joshua Reed

an excellent spot for couples old or young. The staff is young friendly and also inviting. If your afraid of eye contact stay at home and also watch and also play in the basement. Santikos welcomes families and all alike.