Online casinos in Bulgaria Bonuses

Online casinos Bonuses

Who doesn’t love gifts and bonuses? On the internet, you’ll come across tempting ads for online casino sign-up bonuses, no deposit bonuses with no wagering requirements, no deposit bonuses and whatnot. Rewards and promotions are a great way to increase your winnings and play more. Of course, gambling enthusiasts are looking for just that.

That’s why online casinos are racing for originality and variation in making enticing offers to players. The most well-known casino bonuses are when a new user registers, when depositing funds to play and when playing certain types of games. Such examples are free spins rounds on online slots, lucky numbers to increase your roulette win, etc.

The other side of the coin is that bonuses always come with certain conditions that you have to meet, and within a certain timeframe. Otherwise, you risk losing your winnings. The rule of thumb is that the conditions vary – both from casino to casino and from game to game-

So we’ll explain the two main categories of bonuses:

Collector’s/Collectible Bonus – this is the standard and most popular offer, which is often packaged as a 100% deposit bonus offer. You deposit £100 into your account and get that much more cash to play with. The bonus can be withdrawn, along with any winnings made, but this is subject to certain wagering conditions. Different casinos offer very different requirements here, including placing bets worth 20 or 30 times the bonus and/or deposit amount. Generally, the offers have a specific time limit that you also have to comply with.

Uncollectible / sticky bonus – this is a gift from the casino. You can use the money to play, but you can’t cash it out with the rest of the winnings in your account. The reason is that the bonus amount is deducted as soon as you ask to withdraw your winnings.  So in practice, you may only receive the deposit and the winnings you have accumulated. The good thing is that the non-collectible bonuses are activated immediately and immediately reflected in your game balance. However, some of them may be valid within a certain time limit or only for special software of a certain casino or provider.

Tip: You should always read the terms and conditions of a promotion before activating it. It always explains exactly what the bonus is and what the binding rules and terms are.

High RTP (Rate of Return to Player)

High RTP

You may have seen this abbreviation attached to information about a game. RTP stands for Rate of Return to Play – one of the key factors to consider when choosing casino entertainment.

In short, it’s a value that indicates how often users win at a game. For most games, the RTP level is above 90%, that is, users get winning attempts relative to the percentage in question. In practice, this is the amount that is randomly returned to gambling fans who play for money. The rest is the mathematical advantage of the gambling operator. The final bill depends on the various bets, so the example is just a guide.

Tip! Always choose games with the highest possible RTP.

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