Types of Casino Games

Types of Casino Games


Online slots are every gambling fan’s favourite. Online are available in video and 3D modifications. There are also slots with progressive jackpots and built-in bonus features, such as free spin rounds, wilds, scatters, bet multiplier, auto play and more, more.

To quickly clarify, scatters give away the gift of free spins, and wilds substitute for other elements on the screen to form a payline.

The thematic variety in online slots is definitely the greatest in today’s gambling industry. There is a plethora of storylines – fruit, Egyptian pyramids and hieroglyphics, jungle animals, Vikings, farms, as well as fishing, books, movies and TV shows.

With both classic machines and online slots, it’s all about luck. It requires you to have a flair for betting and correctly predict what paylines will occur once the reels of the game matrix stop spinning.

You have the option of betting on just one line (one chance to win) as well as on the maximum number of lines (20, 25, 30, 40, 100, and sometimes over 200) to increase the eventual win.

Some games do not have fixed lines and give the player a choice. The special thing about slot games is that the bet price can start from 1 cent and go up to 50 or even 500 dollars.

Important! Read the online slot rules carefully and decide whether to participate.



Roulette needs no introduction. It’s world famous, fun and a real magnet for gambling fans. As we know, roulette consists of a wheel that is divided into sectors, and a white ball that spins and stops in one of them. The aim of the players is to guess where the ball will stop, and they can bet on red – black sector, even – odd number, exact number, combination of numbers, etc.

Combination betting is also allowed, where the participant uses one or more chips to bet on two or more numbers. This is done on a specially designed gaming table, which is easy and convenient to operate online.

The whole operation here is an absolute fluke. It all depends on which sector of the wheel the white ball lands in. Roulette is considered to be the simplest and most accessible casino game as it doesn’t require much strategy.

There are also no complicated terms like in poker. Of course, there are various theoretical strategies based on arithmetic and number lines that promise that winning is possible after a certain amount of spins. These include the popular Fibonacci, Labouchère and Dalamber progressive betting systems.

However, we won’t delve that deeply into the theory of probability here, but we will introduce you to the most popular types of roulette available at any online casino in Bulgaria.

Roulette types

  • American Roulette – the wheel is divided into 38 sectors. These include the numbers 1 to 36 in black or red, and two zeros in green. These are the 0 and 00 sectors. This is why the American version is known as “Double Zero”.
  • European Roulette – the wheel is divided into 37 sectors. These include the numbers from 1 to 36, coloured black or red, and the green box with 0.
  • French Roulette – the wheel again has 37 sectors and only one “zero”, but there are additional rules. The design of the betting table is also different.

And since we’re talking about an online casino, it’s again our turn to remind you that on the internet, good old roulette is much more modern, fast and generous.

New versions of the classic can include extra features and chances to win once the spin is complete. Such examples are the Lucky Numbers, which increase the winnings many times over, the rating point collection system and the bonuses.



Blackjack is a classic for any gaming parlour. It’s one of the most famous card games, which is quite similar to the popular Twenty-One. What are the rules? You play against the dealer, who deals the cards. The number of players can vary.

The aim is to make the value of the cards in your hand equal 21. Cards 2 to 10 are counted accordingly, cards J, Q and K equal 10 points and an ace counts for either 1 or 11 points – it depends on the strategy of the game. After each deal the player is allowed to take a new card or pass. The sum of the cards in your hand must not exceed 21, because this means. Different modifications of blackjack are available, but in general these are the rules.

The more you learn about specific games, the more skilled a player you become. And experience undoubtedly affects your chances of winning.

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