Guide and also Walkthrough through Zoelius / Bkstunt_31

Trophy List

Title Trophy RankDescription
Extraordinary AdventurerPlatinumProof the you thoroughly check out "Periplus that the Gaete Sea," written by Adol Christin.

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Completed MapSilverCompleted the map that the Isle the Seiren.
Item CollectorSilverAchieved 100% Item repertoire Rate.
Treasure HunterSilverAchieved 100% Treasure exploration Rate.
Reliable Adviser.SilverUncovered all entries in the section of the Journal.
Deserted Island ChefSilverUncovered all entries in the ar of the Journal.
Skilled AnglerSilverUncovered all entries in the ar of the Journal.
Monster ExpertSilverUncovered all entries in the ar of the Journal. (Except Primitive Fish)
Material ResearcherSilverUncovered every entries in the section of the Journal.
Distant ExplorationBronzeTraveled a full distance of 400 krimelye.
Romantic ExplorerBronzeAchieved 100% Location suggest Discovery Rate.
Lively VillageBronzeBrought every survivors come Castaway Village.
Solid VillageBronzeBuilt all Castaway town Enhancements.
Precise OrdersBronzeCleared every Castaway village Quest.
Star of Castaway VillageBronzeAchieved 100% Approval Rate.
Professional enhancement ArtisanBronzeEnhanced a weapon to Lv. Max.
Splendid SynthesistBronzeSynthesized every weapons.
Triple EightBronzeObtained 888 devices of a single item.
Beast BusterBronzeDefeated 2000 or more monsters.
Dino SlayerBronzeDefeated 100 dragon-type ancient Species.
Skill FinisherBronzePerformed a Skill complete 1000 times.
Grand BreakerBronzeActivated 1000 Breaks.
Flash GuarderBronzeActivated 100 speed Guards.
Flash MoverBronzeActivated 100 speed Moves.
EXTRA MasterBronzeActivated 100 Extra Skills.
Elegant InterceptionBronzeAchieved one S Rank for an Interception.
Historic InterceptionBronzeCleared every Interceptions.
Ominous SuppressorBronzeCleared every Suppression Battles.
Bliss ArtisanBronzeReached Lv. MAX for all skills.
Red Haired AdventurerBronzeExplored extensively with Adol.
Proud NoblewomanBronzeExplored thoroughly with Laxia.
Openhearted FishermanBronzeExplored completely with Sahad.
Lonely TransporterBronzeExplored completely with Hummel.
Hard-Working Wild GirlBronzeExplored thoroughly with Ricotta.
Kind TomboyBronzeExplored thoroughly with Dana.
Prosperous KingdomBronzeCleared all Eternia Quest.
Fairy friend (PS4 Only)BronzeRescued every one of the fairies in Eternia.
Roaring HeroBronzeAchieved a call of over 200.
Silence BreakerBronzeDefeated Mephorashmoo at the
One that Hunts whatever (PS4 Only)BronzeDefeated Melaiduma in ~ the .
Nightmare SurpasserSilverSaw the true finishing at Nightmare an obstacle or higher.
New AdventureBronzeStarted a new adventure.
Night on the Gaete SeaBronzeCleared Prologue - "Night on the Gaete Sea".
The Isle that SeirenBronzeCleared thing 1 - "The Isle that Seiren".
Coral Reef ForestBronzeCleared the raised Coral Forest>.
Dark Eroded ValleyBronzeCleared the Eroded Valley>.
The Castaway BanquetBronzeCleared thing 2 - "The Castaway Banquet".
Surpassing GendarmeBronzeCleared thing 3 - "Surpassing Gendarme".
The shed WorldBronzeCleared chapter 4 - "The shed World".
Ancient Tited TowerBronzeCleared .
Fulfilled AmbitionBronzeDefeated your nemesis, Okeanos.
Maiden the the good TreeBronzeCleared thing 5 - "Maiden the the good Tree".
Lacrimosa the the remote SeaBronzeCleared chapter 6 - "Lacrimosa of the far-off Sea".
Inherited will (PS4 Only)SilverCleared and also learned the true history of Eternia.

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End the the Blue WavesGoldCleared Epilogue - "End that the Blue Waves" and also saw the true ending.

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