“Your World”, created by American poet Georgia Douglas Johnson, is a remarkable poem through a blog post ofperseverance. This poem explains the trip of a person recognizing their potential in the world, utilizing a bird in flight as a metaphor to represent a human being “flying” free from the constraints that would save them from getting to their fullest potential.





A quick Synopsis of "Your World"The first stanza defines how the narrator would certainly follow the “norm” in life and also how she never ever really feel accomplished. The 2nd stanza explains how the narrator decides that she will press to success in her goal, no issue what it may be. The critical stanza describes how the narrator let nothing stand in she way, and also she explains how liberating the feels come be totally free and able come succeed. The city starts and finishes in a hopeful, encouraging way. The narrator claims that just you have the right to decide how your life must be.

necessary Questions for "Your World"What idea is the writer trying to convey?What are the components of a poem, and how have the right to identifying them aid in analysis?
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