The stories in Alejandro Heredia’s You’re the just Friend i Need offer brand-new possibilities for transnational storytelling and also the Dominican diaspora through centering Blackness and also queerness. In these stories, friendship is a vehicle to understand what lies between and also within people. A young Dominican immigrant provides an unlikely friend in she Bronx building. Two queer teens endeavor into the roads of Santo Domingo in search of queer belonging. A 20-something lost in existential believed finds a residence in a gay Latin club.

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In Heredia’s stories, friendship is at as soon as balm, poison, wound, and also respite from the problem that culture places ~ above migrants, on queer people, on black folks across the diaspora. You’re the just Friend ns Need cuts through obtained notions and also sings v emotional honesty and lyrical prose.


“This is a stunning debut from Alejandro! this riveting queer stories sit v the intricacy of heartbreak and also romance, holding conflict that push us to think and feel anew. These pages and also the rich personalities that populate them room a breath of fresh air. I can"t wait to view what Alejandro go next!”

Travis Alabanza

Author of prior to I Step outside (you love me)

“Alejandro Heredia write gorgeously. His voice elevates the queer poetry of the vernacular if his prose pipeline fingerprints ~ above your mind and heart. The will offer you all the feels in Spanglish.”

Myriam Gurba 2019 gold Line push Fiction Chapbook contest Judge


Not so lengthy ago, they to be boys play baseball in the street. Raging versus some inner beast. Or no resisting at all, taken over by that might. The wrath the boyhood—a scream, a belch, unabashed laughter. The soles of their naked feet slapping the concrete. The bloody knuckle crushed against another’s cheekbone. A bruised lip, a cutting joke, a chorus that argument. And when alone or coupled, the sudden gentleness. Protection, when needed. Showing up to a friend’s fight, simply in case. The ever-present shyness in prior of girls, in front of teachers, in prior of the mirror, facing their naked bodies. Thin or fat or too tiny or too huge or smooth or cultivation hair, each day something new. The fear of jumping but jumping anyway, even if just to impress. They were everything, everything. Boys.Now, look in ~ them. Girls, or nearby to them. Girly boys, maybe, gliding v the highways of Santo Domingo, protected by the night. Soft as feathers. Rapid as shadows. Hiding, but filled with a gust of proud for everything they’ve made of themselves, what they’ve regulated to take from the edge of the psychic or a dream. A fantasy materialized.

Alejandro Heredia is a queer Afro-Dominican writer and community organizer born in Santo Domingo and raised in The Bronx. The is a 2018 VONA/Voices fellow, and also 2019 Dreamyard Rad(ical) city Consortium Fellow. Myriam Gurba selected Alejandro’s chapbook, You’re the only Friend i Need, as the winner the the 2019 gold Line push Fiction Chapbook Contest. Alejandro’s work has been featured in Auburn avenue Magazine, La Galeria Magazine, No too ~ Magazine, and elsewhere.Book style by Kenji C.

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