Wageningen University, The Netherlands; university of Johannesburg, south Africa; Stellenbosch University, south Africa

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The rhino-poaching dilemm in south Africa, according to many concerned citizens, preservation organisations and also governments, is ‘out of control’. V over 1000 rhinos poached in each of 2013, 2014 and 2015, the dilemm has motivated a huge response, much of which heavily depends on online tools to advanced funds and awareness. The record analyses emotive discourses and imaginaries as part of dominant online responses come the rhino-poaching crisis and also found that these are mainly espoused by whites and also show a concerned penchant in the direction of (extreme) violence. Structure on a theorisation the the links between race, nature, influence and control, the file hypothesises the these responses reflect a ‘politics that hysteria’. This politics catches the employed staff of affective and emotive expressions together a method to demand regulate over a situation ‘out that control’ in the context of historical and modern South afri political economic situations of racial inequality. And also as these expressions frequently tend towards exaggerated or extreme violence, they become potent forms of politics mobilisation and also intervention. Brand-new media space a an important ingredient the this potency, and the document concludes the this opens up up important brand-new questions around the relations in between race, nature and violence.

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