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"That"s not a knife… THAT"s a knife." is just one of the the majority of memorable quotes of the 1986 movie Crocodile Dundee. While the quote is not wildly famous, it is still supplied on some occasions in miscellaneous imperiods, and YouTube videos. It can likewise be provided as a comeago, in order to turn down the risk posed by one more poster, by presenting them with an even higher threat.

The the majority of renowned variation of the expression is "You call that a knife? THIS is a knife!", and it is viewed much more frequently in image macros, than the original movie exact phrase. The "Knife" deserve to also be pronounced as "Knoif", if one desires to make a closer recommendation to the movie, or australians in basic.


The quote originates from a scene where Nick and also Sue come across a robber, that demands Mick"s wallet, while threatening him through a little switchblade. In response, Mick laughs him off, and pulls out a machete.

Robber – You obtained a light buddy?

Mick – Yeah, certain son. There you go.

Robber – And your wallet.

Sue – Mick. Give him your wallet.

Mick – What for?

Sue – He"s obtained a knife.

Mick – Hah hah hah. That"s not a knife…

Mick – THAT"S a knife.

Appearances in Popular Culture.

The quote has actually been watched in the popular reflects The Simpsons, and Family Guy. It"s additionally the name of an capacity in the game Homefront (2011), and also an success in the game Halo: Reach (2010).

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