You room considering making use of WIFI triangulation to track the ar of wireless gadgets within her organization. However, you have actually read on the internet that this form of tracking can create inaccurate results. What is the most important consideration for getting reliable results as soon as implementing this kind of system?

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Your organization freshly purchased 30 tablet devices for your traveling sales force. These devices have home windows RT preinstalled top top them. To boost security of these devices, you desire to apply a default set of security-related configuration settings. What is the best approach to take to achieve this? choose twoA) Configure security settings in a team Policy object.B) attach the group Policy thing to the container wherein the tablets" computer objects reside.C) Configure and apply security policy settings in a mobile an equipment management system.D) Enroll the gadgets in a mobile device management system.E) Manually configure protection settings making use of the Local group Policy Editor program.F) sign up with the tablet computers to your domain.
Your organization freshly purchased 18 iPad tablets for use by the organization"s monitoring team. These tools have iOS pre-installed top top them.To boost security of this devices, you want to use a default collection of security-related construction settings. What is the best technique to take it to attain this? pick twoA) Configure and also distribute defense settings in a construction profile.B) Enroll the tools in a mobile machine management system.C) join the tablets to a home windows domain.D) Configure and apply security plan settings in a mobile maker management system.E) Configure security settings in a group Policy object.F) Require supplies to download the construction profile.
Your organization"s security plan specifies that, nevertheless of ownership, any type of mobile machine that connects to your internal network must have actually remote wipe enabled. If the device is shed or stolen, then it should be wiped to remove any sensitive data indigenous it.Which the the following should friend implement to ensure business data deserve to be remote wiped when preserving personal data?
Your organization has recently to buy 20 tablets gadgets for the human Resources room to usage for maintain sessions.You are concerned that these devices could represent a protection risk to her network and want to strengthen their protection profile as much as possible.Which actions should you take? (select 2)A)Configure a group Policy thing (GPO) containing mobile device-specific defense settings.B) sign up with the tools to her organization"s domain.C) Enable an equipment encryption.D) install the tools in your organization"s catalog services tree.E) Implement storage segmentation.

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Which of the following mobile machine security factor to consider disables the capacity to use the device after a short period of inactivity?