ns am producing a sitemap XML from my database it"s about videos sitemap. In XML, i am fetching the video title together title and also description as description, however there room some titles and also descriptions created in Thai, Portuguese, German, and other languages. If generating the XML through PHP i am dealing with a problem that says:

"XML Parsing Error: no well-formed".

Generation of the XML stop after encountering this error.

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XML Parsing Error: not well-formedLocation: http://localhost/mydesk/sitemap.phpLine Number 24489, obelisk 69:I it was observed it had invalid characters like listed below, and also I have replaced all types of these characters, however I establish there are other personalities being offered in various other languages.

Is there any method to take care of this worry that supports every languages?

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If you gain this error message shot view the page resource by pushing Ctrl+UUsually there is a " prize in dorn place. And check her html syntax.

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Can you open up your xml file in a hex editor? If so see if the takes 1 byte every character or 2. If that takes 2 bytes per character friend should try UTF-16 for encoding instead. If you perform keep in mind that the just encoding you have the right to guarantee a parser will support is UTF-8. Should support UTF-16 too but not all do.

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I had the exact same error in Firefox, parsing one SVG string, and it just disappeared through "text/html" as mimeType. I had actually tried "image/svg+xml" and "application/xml" before and also found in the https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/DOMParser/parseFromString hand-operated they room functionally identical anyway, so ns tried..

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