This Xenoblade Chronicles heart-to-heart guide gives you all of their locations, affinity levels, and answers.

If you"ve to be diving into Xenoblade Chronicles: critical Edition,you"ve more than likely come throughout interactable areas known as heart-to-heart moments.While these occasions are quickly skippable, they administer you with some advantageous rewards that will help you on your adventures across the world of Xenoblade Chronicles: definitive Edition. Finding your locations and giving the right answers will likewise strengthen the affinity of her party.

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Having a solid affinity level in between your personalities is vital for battles, especially against enemies in the later on game, for this reason going the end of your means to score as countless of this heart-to-heart moments is highly recommended.

Xenoblade Chronicles Heart-To love Answers and also Locations Guide


What room Heart-to-Heart Events?

Heart-to-heart moments provide insight right into your characters and also how they interact with one another. By finding them,you"ll it is in gifted with dialogue exchanges between party members,provided you currently have the party members in question).

Each pair of personalities has 3 heart-to-heart moment shared between them, making 63 in total. These conversations are conveniently recognizable on her map with a price of shaking hands, indicating where they are.

Some heart-to-hearts only appear at certain time of the day, and they might require a prerequisite affinity level prior to being able to use them.

To acquire the many out of this moments, you"ll have to ensure friend respond with the correct dialogue choices.By act this,you"ll it is in able to use more skill links between characters, resulting in an ext devastating attacks and also combos you have the right to put forward to her enemies.

Heart-to-Heart Answers, Locations, and Prerequisites


Colony 9

Sunset in the Park

Location: Outlook ParkPrerequisites: Shulk & Fiora (Affinity Level— Yellow)Answers: You and Dunban... // type of.

Enduring Friendship

Location: Tephra cave EntrancePrerequisites: Shulk & Reyn (Affinity Level— Green)Answers: as soon as we had that big fight. // that course.

Fiora"s Cooking

Location: Dunban"s HousePrerequisites: Reyn & Fiora (Affinity Level— Green)Answers: Of course I desire some! // So... Uh... When deserve to we eat?

Overlooking The Colony

Location: Agora ShorePrerequisites: Reyn & Sharla (Affinity Level— Purple)Answers: carry out you wanna go ago there? // Don"t it is in so hard on yourself!

Ancient Wreckage

Location: Cylinder HangarPrerequisites: Reyn & Melia (Affinity Level— Purple)Answers: ns am saying that. // If there were any kind of survivors?

A Heropon"s Perspective

Location: Mechon Wreckage SitePrerequisites: Sharla & Riki (Affinity Level— Purple)Answers: This is unexplained for you, Riki // No, Riki. That"s not true.

Watching over Them

Location: relaxed Square (Night Only)Prerequisites: Reyn & Dunban (Affinity Level— Pink)Answers: I"m being fairly serious. // I view you share mine view.

Tephra Cave

Glowing in the Night

Location: feather of GriefPrerequisites: Dunban & Riki (Affinity Level— Purple)Answers: Riki, call Dundun. // Riki surrenders!

The Legend that the Spider

Location: Bone CorridorPrerequisites: Shulk & Reyn (Affinity Level— Purple)Answers: You"re scared of spiders! // i played a prank ~ above you.

A step Revisited

Location: Kneecap HillPrerequisites: Reyn & Fiora (Affinity Level— Pink)Answers: The first time i came right here // no one thinks that, Fiora.

Bionis Leg

What Visions may Bring

Location: Raguel leg NorthPrerequisites: Shulk & Sharla (Affinity Level— Green)Answers: i wish I had actually it. // You have the right to save someone"s life!

Heir to the Monado

Location: refugees CampPrerequisites: Reyn & Dunban (Affinity Level— Green)Answers: If it wasn"t for Shulk. // Hope preserved her going.

What"s ~ above Reyn"s Mind

Location: refugees CampPrerequisites: Reyn & Sharla (Affinity Level— Green)Answers: You, through a whisker. // girlfriend have... Dignified qualities.

Geography Lesson

Location: Believer"s ParadisePrerequisites: Shulk & Dunban (Affinity Level— Purple)Answers: the course, I"m interested. // Oh! i know!

Revisiting the Past

Location: Rho OasisPrerequisites: Dunban & Sharla (Affinity Level— Pink)Answers: did something poor happen? // to be it vital to her?

Colony 6

Certain heart-to-heart moments won"t appear until you"ve progressed through swarm 6 quest-line a particular amount.

One Year On

Location: Pod DepotPrerequisites: Reyn & Dunban (Affinity Level— Purple)Answers: Well, ns was glad you come back. // ns know exactly how you feel.

Recovery and also Reflection

Location: expect FarmPrerequisites: Fiora & Dunban (Affinity Level— Purple)Answers: It provides me sad. // that must have been really tough.

Dunban"s right Arm

Location: expect FarmPrerequisites: Dunban & Sharla (Affinity Level— Purple)Answers: the hardly also bothers me now. // I have no regrets.

Quiet Time

Location: Armu FarmPrerequisites: Fiora & Riki (Affinity Level— Purple)Answers: Nature"s wonderful, isn"t it? // I prefer the way you speak.

Renewed Determination

Location: Freight ElevatorPrerequisites: Shulk & Reyn (Affinity Level— Pink)Answers: Could"ve been veeery different. // You"re no wrong.

Strength that Heart

Location: main EntrancePrerequisites: Shulk & Dunban (Affinity Level— Pink)Answers: It"s because you"re Dunban. // stamin of the heart.

The colony Reborn

Location: On top of a building, swarm 6Prerequisites: Shulk & Sharla (Affinity Level— Pink)Answers: A for sure haven for everyone, huh? // due to the fact that it"s everyone"s dream.

Ether Mine

A broken Watch

Location: Mining BasePrerequisites: Shulk & Sharla (Affinity Level— Purple)Answers: It"s a beautiful watch. // I deserve to fix it!

A Wistful Glow

Location: main TerminalPrerequisites: Reyn & Sharla (Affinity Level— Pink)Answers: Sounds choose fun! // Gadolt would simply be a friend.

Satorl Marsh

The Shimmering Marsh

Location: Zaldania Waterfall (Night)Prerequisites: Shulk & Dunban (Affinity Level— Green)Answers: Really? Interesting. // will it ever before run out?

High Entia History

Location: Sororal StatuesPrerequisites: Dunban & Melia (Affinity Level— Purple)Answers: That appears fitting. // A half-Homs like you?

Atop the Crown Tree

Location: Crown TreePrerequisites: Sharla & Riki (Affinity Level— Pink)Answers: I"m not surprised. // oh dear! Why not?

Makna Forest

Fallen Brethren

Location: Agni TabletPrerequisites: Shulk & Melia (Affinity Level— Green)Answers: What"s wrong? // they sound like an excellent people.

No guys Allowed

Location: Sparkling PoolPrerequisites: Sharla & Melia (Affinity Level— Green)Answers: You might be correct. // room you sure!?

Riki"s Crazy crystal Plan

Location: North-west of Twisted Tree GatePrerequisites: Reyn & Riki (Affinity Level— Purple)Answers: What friend gonna execute with it? // You"ve gotta filter it!

Frontier Village

At the Pollen Works

Location: Pollen WorksPrerequisites: Shulk & Riki (Affinity Level— Green)Answers: since it"s not made the metal? // That"s an extremely resourceful that you!

True Natures

Location: Apex Lake, Contemplation TerracePrerequisites: Dunban & Melia (Affinity Level— Green)Answers: I"ll it is in honest... Not really. // together all wise rulers do.

A secret Sanctuary

Location: Prophecy HutPrerequisites: Riki & Melia (Affinity Level — Green)Answers: They"ve yielded from top top high? // you mean... You?

Reawakened Memories

Location: West that Prophecy HutPrerequisites: Fiora & Sharla (Affinity Level— Purple)Answers: friend mean... Shulk? // Reyn stated that?

A day Like any type of Other

Location: Nopon TowerPrerequisites: Fiora & Melia (Affinity Level— Purple)Answers: Ok. I"ll tell you. // No, naught in particular.

Life"s tough for a Heropon

Location: Riki"s HousePrerequisites: Dunban & Riki (Affinity Level— Pink)Answers: I"ll shed a tear for you. // not at all.

Eryth Sea

Fish Fly! Fish Fly!

Location: resting Dragon IslePrerequisites: Reyn & Riki (Affinity Level— Green)Answers: yet Riki simply see one! // Riki want 5 for himself!

A Gift for a loved One

Location: Ether PlantPrerequisites: Dunban & Sharla (Affinity Level— Green)Answers: I— I"d love to, thank you... // however the assumed is tho nice.

Flowers of Eryth Sea

Location: Hovering Reef 2Prerequisites: Sharla & Riki (Affinity Level— Green)Answers: I prefer flowers too. // She"d it is in so happy!

Riki have actually Question

Location: Syrath LighthousePrerequisites: Fiora & Riki (Affinity Level— Pink)Answers: What is it, Riki? // you do? Wow!


Brother and Sister

Location: east of fountain of HopePrerequisites: Fiora & Dunban (Affinity Level— Green)Answers: I could get supplied to that too. // You concern too much.

The Forefathers

Location: great HallPrerequisites: Fiora & Riki (Affinity Level— Green)Answers: Forefathers were important? // make weapons! Dinobeast!

Melia"s imperial Villa

Location: Whitewing VillaPrerequisites: Fiora & Melia (Affinity Level— Green)Answers: Thanks! // for this reason it"s not simply me then...

So Close, yet So Far

Location: Audience ChamberPrerequisites: Shulk & Melia (Affinity Level— Purple)Answers: It"s no a negative thing. // Nothing would change.

Ancient Astrology

Location: West the Melfica RoadPrerequisites: Sharla & Melia (Affinity Level— Purple)Answers: the course, i do. // Yes, i do.

A Breathtaking Site

Location: skies TerracePrerequisites: Reyn & Melia (Affinity Level— Pink)Answers: I fairly agree. // I gained that impression.

High Entia Tomb

Echoes of old Times

Location: sink of EmperorsPrerequisites: Reyn & Melia (Affinity Level— Green)Answers: Let"s go and also take a look. // Mind share it v us?

Hopes and also Plans

Location: room of TrialsPrerequisites: Shulk & Melia (Affinity Level— Pink)Answers: do you think it"s possible? // You"ll... Look because that them v me?

Valak Mountain

In Ose Tower

Location: Harict ChapelPrerequisites: Riki & Dunban (Affinity Level— Green)Answers: Ghosts room here. // Dundun recognize what ghost is?

First sight of Snow

Location: La Luz Church (Night)Prerequisites: Reyn & Fiora (Affinity Level— Purple)Answers: I"m with you. It"s strange. // that sounds like a great idea!

A Snowy hot Spring

Location: Jakt GeyserPrerequisites: Shulk & Riki (Affinity Level— Purple)Answers: Not also hot, not as well cold! // Shulk run in water too!

Fallen Arm

A Night Time Chat

Location: near JunksPrerequisites: Fiora & Sharla (Affinity Level— Green)Answers: Thanks... Ns think. // ns don"t think he"s changed.

Just prefer Old Times

Location: Wreckage BeachPrerequisites: Shulk & Fiora (Affinity Level— Purple)Answers: never ever mind. It"s fine. // Ok. Here I go.

Camping Spot

Location: Inlet BeachPrerequisites: Riki & Melia (Affinity Level— Purple)Answers: many intriguing. // but how it rotates you capture it?

Those waiting For You

Location: remote FingertipPrerequisites: Shulk & Riki (Affinity Level— Pink)Answers: What"s wrong, Shulk? // Ok. Here"s the thing...

A family members of Two

Location: Junk"s second FloorPrerequisites: Fiora & Dunban (Affinity Level— Pink)Answers: You captured me // There"s much more to it 보다 that.

Overcoming the Pain

Location: number 1Prerequisites: Fiora & Melia (Affinity Level— Pink)Answers: and you regret that? // That"s most likely for the best.

Eternal Scars

Location: black color WreckagePrerequisites: Dunban & Melia (Affinity Level— Pink)Answers: we were comrades-in-arms. // I know the truth.

Bionis Interior

Fiora"s Body

Location: Spinal Nerve TowerPrerequisites: Fiora & Sharla (Affinity Level— Pink)Answers: Sorry. Is it the obvious? // You"re right. I should go.

Kind Words

Location: Terminal Nerve TowerPrerequisites: Riki & Melia (Affinity Level— Pink)Answers: You"ve seen right through me. // the is simply not true.

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Prison Island

Before the last Battle

Location: Corridor that SilencePrerequisites: Shulk & Fiora (Affinity Level— Pink)Answers: You"re worried about me. // Oh, Shulk! thank you!

Journey"s End

Location: empty ThronePrerequisites: Reyn & Riki (Affinity Level— Pink)Answers: Riki do want to go home. // Cheer up, Reyn!

Untold Feelings

Location: Gravina BridgePrerequisites: Sharla & Melia (Affinity Level— Pink)Answers: carry out you still prefer him? // the is similar to you, Melia.

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