Start Location: Speak with Aft in the Bower Lounge on the 2nd floor the the Argentum trade Guild building.

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Once girlfriend have spoken to Aft, he and also his 2 buddies will certainly run off and hide what on the gorund floor of the trade Guild. In order to finish the side-quest we need to hunt castle down and find them. They deserve to be found in the following locations:

Aft – Aft have the right to be discovered on top of part crates beside the north door leading out of the profession Guild. To with him, you’ll must hop increase the bags of serial behind the Noodler’s Delight and Honeycomb Sweets shops.


Snikisniki – Hiding behind part barrels and crates ~ above the western next of the ground floor area.


Talulu – Talulu have the right to be found inside a barrel external on the Goldmouth exit Dock, simply to the left the the ramp you usage to rise onto the ship to leaving the Argentum trade Guild for the first time.

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After finding and speaking v all 3 of them, return ago upstairs come the Bower Lounge on the 2nd floor. Talk to Aft right here once again to finish the side-quest.


100G60 EXP9 SP1x Muscle Belt
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