This search is required for unlocking \"Patissier\" on the rare Blade Gorg\"s Affinity Chart. Prior to beginning the quest, friend must an initial witness Gorg\"s Heart-to-Heart Sweet Strategy close to the sweets shop in Theosoir, Tantal. Then go to Fonsa Myma port in Uraya and look because that a male named Alban.

Alban is a hobbyist painter, but he\"s really passionate about his work. Unfortunately, he lost his paintings after a ship delivering them sunk in ~ sea. Gorg will volunteer to assist retrieve them.

Gather information around the ship\"s location

Unfortunately Alban wasn\"t plank the delivery in question, so he isn\"t sure the exact works with where that sunk. Luckily, a few of the ship\"s crew is hanging about Fonsa Myma, so your first step is come ask them because that information. Look for out the complying with NPCs and also speak v them:

Gamri - Fonsa Myma PortBennett - Fonsa Myma GateRhidluk - entertainment DistrictVisit the Isle the Terminomni

All the information listed points to Leftheria. Collection off for your next destination, the Isle the Terminomni. The Isle the Terminomni is one of the little islands in the Cloudsea found in Fonsett Waters, in between the islands of Godsford Isle and also Isle of Urchon. You should have the ability to identify that by the wrecked Titan delivery on that - this is what you\"re spring for!

Unfortunately the ship is surrounding by Aligos who have actually made a nest within it. Fairly than take them on every at once, Gorg come up with an alternate plan. You\"ll require 1x Beautiful Shoot, 2x Lemon Stones, and 4x Hide \"n\" Creepers. All of these can be uncovered in arsenal Points roughly Leftheria. In particular, Hide \"n\" Creepers deserve to be found at Ansel Hatchery nearby.

Return come Terminomni Isle with your collections in hand to create a cutscene. With the Aligo effectively distracted, you have the right to now find for the paintings. A number of quest mite will appear over the crates roughly the wrecked ship. Find all 3 of lock to receive 3x Alban\"s Painting.

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Return to Fonsa Myma

Take the paintings and return to Fonsa Myma Port. After returning the paintings, Alban learns the Gorg has a little bit of a passion for cook arts. Together it happens, Alban runs a restaurant chain and offers come let Gorg run one of his shops.

Make Sweets

Head to Fonsa Myma Commercial ar to check out the shop.

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After a quick cutscene, Gorg is very enthused and also will want to get started right away v some trial recipes before setting up shop. Research the Make Sweets home window and do the complying with recipes for each classification to satisfy Gorg\"s tastes:

Cookie Recipes

Trial Neon Cookies

Flan Recipes

Trial Snipe Flan

Treasured Recipes

Trial Lovemerry Cake

And with all those recipes sorted because that Gorg\"s dessert lineup, the search will be finish after a final cutscene!

You currently have accessibility to Just Desserts at Gorg\"s shop, i beg your pardon you deserve to use at any time through Gorg\"s Patissier ar Skill to make desserts!