Samsung is amongst the leading Android manufacturers in the world. It has actually a huge devoted customer basic who choose buying Samsung phones due to the fact that of unique and also exciting attributes it offers. But many individuals are found complaining the their Samsung phones hang as well often. It’s an irritating trouble as a hanging phone call is no much better than a frozen phone.

Thankfully, it’s a short-term issue and also you have the right to troubleshoot it. This article aims to talk about the possible reasons why Samsung s7 dropping calls and also how to solve this issue and also prevent it from continue in the future.

5 means to deal with Samsung phone Keeps Hanging Up

Why my Samsung phone call Keeps on immediately Hanging Up

If you’re wonder why is mine phone dropping phone call or hanging increase automatically, climate you’re no alone. A myriad the reasons can make Samsung phone hang abruptly or drop calls, but below are some usual causes.

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Signal issueInappropriately placed SIM cardPhysical or fluid damageDamaged sim cardLess complimentary space leader Running hefty appsLess RAM

5 means to deal with Samsung phone call Keeps Hanging Up

No issue what the reason might be, you have the right to fix the concern of Samsung hanging up automatically using the listed below methods. For your ease, us will current a step-by-step overview on exactly how to implement these techniques.

Way 1: pressure Reboot her Samsung Phone

Force reboot your mobile is the best and also easiest means to get rid of my Samsung phone call keeps hanging increase issue. The removes any kind of temporary bug or glitch in the system. To pressure reboot your Samsung:

Note: (Since Samsung come in countless versions, the process is subject to change. I will summary the most common method to pressure reboot a Samsung mobile.)
Press and also hold volume down and power secrets for a few seconds till you view the Samsung logo on the screen.

Then, again press and also hold the power button to restart her phone.


Way 2: Boot her Samsung call in for sure Mode

Any malfunctioning application can cause Samsung phone call keeps dropping calls. So, you have actually to get in the safe setting to check if it’s the case as safe setting disables all third-party apps installed on her phone.

Press and hold the power key of her Samsung phone till power option appears on the screen.Now, press and also hold the power option and also you will check out a pop-up choice showing Reboot to Safe mode will appear.Tap on yes sir to go into into for sure mode. Usage your mobile because that a while. If the doesn’t cave up on the for sure mode, climate you don’t should delete any third-party app.

If your calling hangs increase in the for sure mode. You can uninstall third-party apps favor Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, one by one till the concern gets resolved.


Way 3: One-Click to clean Samsung phone call Cache

We know that shortage of totally free space also leads to your mobile hanging increase of dropping calls. Every mobile shop temporary documents in the form of cache. Deleting lock frees increase extra an are on her mobile and often fixes the problem of your Samsung phone dropping calls.

Delete cache papers with one click:

Run ReiBoot for Android.

Select ‘One-Click come Clear system Cache’.

Wait for the program deleting cache and also don’t disconnect the program.

Cleared successfully!


Way 4: perform a Backup and also Reset Samsung Phone

If no one of the over methods work, climate you need to reset your phone as a critical resort. This technique will delete every the data on your mobile, so backup your data before performing a tough reset.

Turn off the mobile and press and hold the Volume Up and the home keys at the same time to switch on your phone. As soon as you check out the maker logo top top the screen, release only the power key.Now, you will check out the Android system recovery food selection after a few seconds. Use Volume down key to highlight ‘Wipe data/factory reset’ and press the Power an essential to select it.Again, usage Volume down key to highlight ‘Yes — delete every user data’ and select it making use of Power an essential to start the understand reset.The maker will take part time to finish the understand reset and will highlight the ‘Reboot system now’.

Finally, press the Power an essential to reboot your Android mobile.


Way 5: Update system to settle Samsung call Keeps Hanging Up

Unfortunately, many of the aforementioned methods don’t work-related as promised. If you don’t want to go v this hit and also trial process of what method could settle your issue and also want a straight solution, then ReiBoot because that Android is what you looking for.

This multifeatured software is design to repair 100+ Android OS boy and major issues in just a couple of minutes. Its at sight intuitive dashboard and also ease of use make the the finest Android repairing tool available online. (Remember, this software works just on Samsung mobiles)

It will acknowledge your Samsung mobile. Now, struggle on Fix currently to settle Samsung hanging up automatically issue.

Then, fill in the details of her Samsung device. Use the drop-down arrowhead to enter the details.

Now, ReiBoot will certainly download the recent firmware package corresponding to your Android device. Browser a place on your computer system to save it and don’t disconnect the phone throughout the downloading process.

Once the firmware package is downloaded, click Repair currently to proceed.

Then, follow the instructions on the display to enter corresponding to her Samsung mobile variation i.e., is it v or without residence button, to go into into download mode.

The software application will take a few minutes to fully repair her mobile phone. Once it is completed, click Done and also your mobile will certainly restart and role properly.





Like any kind of other mobile phone, Samsung cell phone is susceptible to hanging – and also it hangs often. But there room ways, disputed above, by which you deserve to make sure you solve the concern once and for all. Every one of the above tips space helpful and fix the problem in most cases.

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However, if you’re trying to find the quickest an approach to get rid of samsung s7 dropping call permanently, then ReiBoot because that Android is at her service. This powerful software repairs OS of your Samsung mobile come ensure your mobile never ever drops phone call or hangs ever again.