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Hawk is The great Leftovers Knight. And at the party once Ban first joined, hawk rams Ban and also said "respect the The great Leftover Knight". And also Ban said (I think) "I"m sorry for no recognizing you, master". It"s like when you"re good at something, and also I admire you and call you master.

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Basically it"s just trolling.

It"s like calling some idiot "sensei" or adding "-sama" sarcastically.

But then it turns into more of an affectionate nickname 보다 an insult, ns suppose.

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BOI.... Half calls eagle master due to the fact that hawk is the captain the the stimulate of scraps disposal, and also Ban wishes to find out from the or in this case his "Master".


Ban loves food as shown by his cooking skills. Ban had never met anyone who appreciated food as well as Hawk. Ban respects Hawk for this reason.


I always thought it was implied ban joined the bespeak of scraps disposal corp after gift impressed v hawks title together captain of such a reputation order. I dont think hes making fun of him.

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Is that true Gilthunder statement around Meliodas and Ban gift the the strongest nanatsu no taizai members?
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