Luke 18:19 (NKJV) so Jesus said to him, “Why perform you call Me good? no one is an excellent but One, that is, God.

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My concern is: is this contradictory? What go Jesus typical by this statement?



This i is regularly used come bolster the claim that Jesus is not God. The normal misinterpretation is the Jesus is saying that He isn"t good, because He isn"t God.The the opposite is true. In this passage, Jesus is establishing His deity. The comment Islam site uses a fairly great explanation.


In the main passage of thing 10, Jesus provides the statement:

I to be the an excellent shepherd. (John 10:14) This creates his case to divine being in a double way. First, due to the fact that of the criterion above, because he calls self good, and this not only in a general way as "a an excellent shepherd" (one that many) however as "the an excellent shepherd".

It is a straightforward syllogism:

No-one except God is good and Jesus is great therefore Jesus is God

Somebody could want to controversy that right here "good" is just qualifying something else (i.e. "shepherd"), however we just observe that in the initial passage (Luke 18:18 above), it to be qualifying "teacher". So, the situation is undoubtedly parallel, and the discussion applies.

Second, Jesus calls self not just "good", however he claims the location "shepherd". This is a clean reference earlier to Psalm 23 and, even much more important, Ezekiel 34, whereby God self is the shepherd the Israel (see this discussion). Thus, with this declare Jesus bring away upon self yet an additional title that God.

Why do we contact him good? because he is - and also he is the mr God.

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A more succinct answer (with the very same outcome) deserve to be found on this article about WJD at Heartlight.

Jesus is difficult the religious leader to wake up and understand the fact that stands best in former of him. If the is call Jesus "good," climate he must pertained to understand that Jesus is God and not play spiritual games, yet come to truly believe. Jesus isn"t denying that he is God; Jesus is affirming the he is God and also that man truly demands to recognize that the is. Eternal questions are not simply religious speculation, yet the core inquiries of the person soul. Only God can answer those questions. Therefore if the is going to ask Jesus this question, he requirements to salary attention and also place his confidence in Jesus" answer. So perform we!