Antwone Fisher is a an excellent poet, and also one of mine favorites. I’ve read his book and own his poetry book. If girlfriend haven’t read them ns strongly recommend you do.

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Who will certainly cry because that the little boy?By Antwone Fisher

who will cry because that the small boy?Lost and all alone.Who will certainly cry for the little boy?Abandoned there is no his own?

Who will cry for the tiny boy?He cried self to sleep.Who will certainly cry because that the small boy?He never had actually for keeps.

Who will cry because that the tiny boy?He to walk the burn sandWho will certainly cry for the tiny boy?The young inside the man.

Who will certainly cry because that the tiny boy?Who knows fine hurt and also painWho will cry because that the tiny boy?He passed away again and again.

Who will certainly cry because that the small boy?A great boy the tried to beWho will cry for the tiny boy?Who cries within of me

by Antwone Fisher indigenous Who will Cry for the small Boy?


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