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"Who are You, Who space so way in the ways of Science?" is a memorable quote uttered by teacher Bedivere (played by terrycloth Jones) to King Arthur (played by Graham Chapman) in the 1975 brother comedy film Monty Python and also the divine Grail. The quote is provided alongside a still from the scene as a reaction photo to an over caption or photo to express sarcasm about their intellect and also knowledge. Periodically it can be genuine, yet it"s most often sarcastic in nature.


The original clip that the picture is pulled from is viewed in the 1975 british comedy Monty Python and the divine Grail, especially the scene straight after “We uncovered a Witch, might We Burn Her?” throughout this scene, the villagers underneath teacher Bedivere present a mrs they think is a witch and also ask that teacher Bedivere enable them to burn her. Before he permits this, he conducts a trial to recognize whether or no she is truly a witch. The villagers then point out things around her appearance, but being a man of scientific research himself, sir Bedivere proceeds to ask them much more technical questions around her regarded “witchyness.”

Shown in the scene below (the heat from the picture occurs appropriate at the end), sir Bedivere asks, “What carry out you do with witches?” to which the villagers reply, “Burn them!” Upon developing this basis, the lot concludes that if she’s certainly a witch, she need to be made of wood. To identify this, teacher Bedivere asks, “So, just how do we tell whether she is make of wood?” After part failed make the efforts by the villagers, he climate points the end that lumber floats, for this reason if she is a witch, she must likewise float. When he asks, “What likewise floats in water?” number of members the the mob unsuccessfully answer until King Arthur, who has actually been watching native afar, correctly replies v “a duck.”

Eventually, the attempt concludes once they decide the if she weighs the exact same as a duck, she have to be a witch. The mob runs off to burn the witch as the step ends, leaving teacher Bedivere and King Arthur alone near the scales. Teacher Bedivere, impressed with King Arthur’s answer, climate asks him, “Who are you who room so wise in the means of science?” and also thus the beginning is complete.

One of the earliest instances of the step being used as a meme wake up on November 13th, 2012, once Steven Goddard provides this YouTube<1> video from 2007 in an write-up on his Wordpress<2> around California avoiding storm surges v taxation.

The first true meme layout dates back to November 8th, 2013, watched in one upload to fast Meme<3> by one unknown user (featured below).



This initial meme layout of the quote continued to spread online in the mid-2010s, additionally seen featured in an short article from<4> top top November 22nd, 2016.

As the image evolved, it infect Reddit whereby users embraced the much more commonly viewed format/image we have in 2020, an especially within r/DankMemes, r/Memes and also r/HolyGrailMemes.

Uploaded to r/DankMemes<5> by Redditor TiitMarvel on January 23rd, 2019, us see among the first uses on the communication of the meme, checked out here.


On might 12th, 2019, the style made its means over come r/MemeEconomy<6> once Redditor SlothySurprise posted the meme with the title, “Invest in Monty Python to be wise in the means of profits!” The short article received practically 13,000 upvotes and also 660 comments.

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In so late 2019 and early 2020, the meme saw an uptick in intake on Reddit<7>, viewed in this article from Redditor Abruptsystem ~ above December 3rd, 2019 (also watched below).