White Oak Of rock Hill

White Oak of rock Hill is a 141 bed expert nursing facility conveniently situated within a brief drive native Piedmont medical Center. We provide long hatchet nursing care, as well as short term rehabilitation in our designated rehabilitation wing.

Nursing treatment is listed by Registered Nurses, Licensed helpful Nurses, and Certified Nursing aides 24-hours a day. Our interdisciplinary team develops an proper plan of care for every individual in coordination with the physician’s orders. The business of White Oak of rock Hill is more than caring for instant physical or clinical needs. With understanding, compassion, professionalism and respect, we strive to improve the top quality of life for each individual.

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Rehabilitation solutions Available

General Rehabilitation (due to basic Deconditioning Following an extensive Illness, surgical treatment or Hospitalization)Amputee RehabilitationBack Injury RehabilitationCardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
Orthopedic RehabilitationOutpatient Rehabilitation ServicesStroke RehabilitationVirtual Rehabilitation
Accelerated care Plus ProgramADL KitchenAdmissions 24/7Balance and Fall avoidance TrainingCase management / Discharge plan ServiceDementia CareDiathermyDysphagia Therapy
Electrical StimulationHome EvaluationsOmnicyclePatient, Family and also Caregiver EducationPatterned electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation (PENS)Peripheral Neuropathy TherapyPhysiatry ServicesUltrasound
Prosthetics and also Orthotics TrainingSci FitSpeech Language Therapy(including memory, cognition and communication skills)Therapy accessibility Seven job a WeekWound CareSafe Transitions





Ryan Heitkamp


In 2006, Ryan started his White Oak career at White Oak the York. Since then, he has functioned at various locations in several various roles, but primarily in the company office. After graduating indigenous the university of south Carolina, he derived his assisted Living Administrator"s license and also transitioned come White Oak manors in Spartanburg. After perfect his Administrator-in-Training regimen in 2018, Ryan offered as the administrator in ~ White Oak of Lancaster before becoming the administrator at White Oak of absent Hill in July 2021.

“The staff has actually been very concerned, gentle & patient v my parents. I have actually appreciated how useful everyone has been.” — mine InnerView resident & family members Satisfaction Survey

Glencairn Garden

Glencairn Garden’s beautifully landscaped lawns and also walkways have actually made that a well-known attraction amongst residents and visitors to absent Hill for countless years. What started as the backyard garden that David & Hazel larger in 1928 is now an 11 acre paradise situated in the love of rock Hill.

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Millstone Pizza + Taphouse

Locals and visitors both speak this few of the best wood fired pizza they have ever had.Located in downtown absent Hill, Millstone uses only locally made, farm-to-table cheeses, tradition made meats flown directly from new York, and Caputo flour indigenous Italy for your dough in stimulate to sell pizza made through the ideal ingredients.

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Amelie"s French Bakery

Amelie"s absent Hill provides a distinct atmosphere, handcrafted beverages comparable to what you would uncover in a strange parisian café, and also a bountiful selection of handmade french pastries. Lock mix classic and traditional materials infused with modern-day elements to produce pleasing smell combinations.

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Museum that York County

Go top top an african safari, explore the galaxy or uncover your very own backyard v the many exhibits at the Museum of York County.Exhibits and also programming encompass not only natural history, but also cultural history, the arts, and content for adults and for children.

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Contact This Facility

White Oak of absent HILL

1915 Ebenezer RoadRock Hill, SC 29732

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