In 1980s Detroit, white teenager rick Wershe Jr. (Richie Merritt) look at an possibility to get his household out of poverty by joining up in the cocaine operation occurring in his mainly African-American neighborhood. He climate becomes the youngest FBI informant in history when he"s recruited by government officials come take under the drug ring indigenous the inside. Directed by Yann Demange. Based upon a true story. Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Brian Tyree Henry, and RJ Cyler co-star. ~ Kaitlin Elise Miller

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Deleted scenes; Making-Of; The unknown true story of stack Wershe Jr.; The three tribes of Detroit: the cast

Performance Credits
Matthew McConaugheyRichard Wershe, Sr.

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Richie MerrittRichard "White boy Rick" Wershe, Jr.
Jennifer Jason LeighFBI certified dealer Snyder
Rory CochraneFBI certified dealer Byrd
Brian Tyree HenryOfficer Jackson
Bruce DernRay Wershe
Piper LaurieVerna Wershe
Bel PowleyDawn Wershe
Jonathan MajorsJohnny Curry
YGLeo Curry
RJ CylerRudell Curry
Taylour PaigeCathy Volsan
Kyanna Simone SimpsonBrenda
Eddie MarsanArt Derrick
Raekwon HaynesEdwin "Nugg" Crutcher
Ishmael "Ishdarr" Ali"Freaky Steve" Rousell
James HowardChief Homicide Inspector
Danny Brown"Black Ed" Hanserd
Morerice ThorntonJamil Cannon
Isaiah AliDemetrius Johnson
E"Xavion WalkerClarence Bishop
Lawrence AdimoraTyler Finney
Alan Bomar JonesWillie Volsan
Art TerryMayor Coleman Young
Santos VelasquezFBI agent Crespo
Heidi SulzmanBlonde gun Buyer
LaShawn LittleLeon Lucas
Ronald WilliamsFrankie Lucas
Anthony WoodsDamian Lucas
James ShinkleWilliam Bufalino Jr.

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Lauren Ashley BerryCaesar"s Ticket Lady
Peter Lawson JonesJudge thomas Jackson
Jim YostPoliceman
Brad CarterGun display Dealer Bob
Meg RasmussenGun show Annie
Carmen GangaleJuror Foreman
Pamela MortonJuror #1
Cassandra Collier-WilliamsJuror #2
Michael SmithJuror #3
William BowerJuror #4
Jerrod PrimmCrack residence Doorman
David LozadaCorrections Officer
Jerry SlomkaGuard
DeVito ParkerMarcus
Velma BookerMrs. Angela
lll Donald ScruggsTJ
Joe GallipoliSheriff
Ahmad ThomasIsaac "Doc" Mueller
Leigh Kilton SmithGinger
Donald WhiteJimmy Harris
Technical Credits
Logan Miller

Noah Miller

Yann DemangeDirector
Michael ArnoldChoreography
Darren AronofskyProducer
Stefania CellaProduction Designer
William DawsonSpecial results Supervisor
Bryan FeltyArt Director
Scott FranklinProducer
Ari HandelExecutive Producer
Georgia KacandesExecutive Producer
Lydia KaneMakeup
Geza KassaiSet Decoration/Design
Matthew KrulExecutive Producer
John LesherProducer
Francine MaislerCasting
Christopher MallickExecutive Producer
Logan MillerExecutive Producer,Screenwriter
Noah MillerExecutive Producer,Screenwriter
Adrien MorotMakeup distinct Effects
Sean MurphyAssociate Producer
Marie NguyenAssociate Producer
Susan R. ProsserMakeup
Tat RadcliffeCinematographer
Max RichterScore Composer
Dan RodgersMusical Direction/Supervision
Thomas Patrick SmithAssociate Producer,Asst. Director
Alan TuskesMakeup
Andy WeissScreenwriter
Michael J. WeissExecutive Producer
Amy WestcottCostumes/Costume Designer
Chris WyattEditor
Julie YornProducer

Disc #1 -- White young Rick 1. Thing 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Thing 3 4. Thing 4 5. Thing 5 6. Thing 6 7. Thing 7 8. Chapter 8 9. Chapter 910. Chapter 1011. Chapter 1112. Chapter 1213. Chapter 1314. Chapter 1415. Thing 1516. Chapter 16
Disc #1 -- White young Rick pat Movie language English English Audio Descriptive service French English Subtitles: top top English SDH Subtitles: top top Chinese simplified Subtitles: on Chinese traditional Subtitles: ~ above French Subtitles: on Spanish Subtitles: top top Thai Subtitles: ~ above Subtitles: turn off Scene Selections Special functions Deleted scene Play All acquired A slice For Me? She"ll Be ago I seen You roughly You Don"t understand Your place I to be Hoping bring Him to Come watch Me The Unknown True Story of well-off Wershe Jr. The do Of White young Rick The three Tribes that Detroit: The cast Previews

Editorial Reviews

White young Rick, directed by Yann Demange and also written by Andy Weiss, Logan Miller, and also Noah Miller, is a true crime drama and cautionary story with comment on both police and also political corruption. When the setup is solid, there space too many elements at play, and also the manuscript ends up unable to execute them every justice. Richard "Rick" Wershe Jr. (Richie Merritt) is one informant because that the FBI during the cocaine epidemic in 1980s Detroit. When the FBI cuts their ties to rick after controlling their bust, he continues to be in the seedy underworld and becomes a medicine kingpin who meets his downfall v both just and corrupt materials of the system. Despite the product is decent, plenty of important details room left out or glossed end in montages. The hurried nature that the storytelling leaves the viewer emotion as though they have actually watched a synopsis fairly than a finish story. A few more well-developed details in place of fluff would certainly make for a more satisfying watch. The primary players light brightly under Demange"s direction. Matthew McConaughey gives one that the ideal performances of his career together Rick"s father, a guy looking to pull his family out the a lower-class wasteland and also ultimately search salvation for his son. Merritt, through no prior exhilaration experience, brings down-to-earth realism come a larger-than-life character and stands out as the real delight of the production. Vice versa, the performances native the supporting actors are far from notable. Exceptions to this space veteran gibbs Bruce Dern together Rick"s grandfather, and also a breakout performance by Bel Powley together Rick"s sister, Dawn, who embodiment that a strung-out junkie no hope to escape a cold reality influenced the overall feel of desperation in the film. The grittiness the the world the Wershes inhabit is accentuated by the cinematography. The home movie quality of the filming, consisting of the sometimes shaky hand, provides the emotion that the viewer is there, and component of that world. The music deepens this sensation, particularly during scenes entailing the glitz associated with the lives of significant players in the drug trade. White boy Rick provides two hours of entertainment and does a decent enough job illustrating the way of life of the time. It likewise addresses simply how conveniently poverty can cause someone to sink to level they would certainly not otherwise consider, and also how easily the player can become the played. What it fails to current is a totally fleshed out story, which is why the film falls quick of what it might have been.