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Flash Fill automatically fills her data once it senses a pattern. For example, you can use Flash fill to separate an initial and last names native a solitary column, or combine first and last names from two different columns.

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Let"s say tower A contains very first names, column B has actually last names, and also you want to fill shaft C with first and last names combined. If you establish a pattern by keying the full name in obelisk C, Excel"s flash Fill attribute will to fill in the remainder for you based upon the pattern you provide.

Enter the full name in cabinet C2, and press ENTER.

Start keying the next full name in cell C3. Excel will feeling the pattern you provide, and also show friend a preview the the remainder of the obelisk filled in through your an unified text.

To accept the preview, push ENTER.


If Flash to fill doesn"t generate the preview, it could not it is in turned on. You deserve to go to Data > Flash Fill to operation it manually, or push Ctrl+E. To rotate Flash fill on, walk to Tools > Options > Advanced > modifying Options > inspect the Automatically speed Fill box.

Let"s say shaft A contains an initial names, shaft B has last names, and also you want to fill shaft C with an initial and critical names combined. If you create a pattern by typing the complete name in tower C, Excel"s flash Fill feature will fill in the rest for you based upon the pattern you provide.

Enter the full name in cell C2, and also press ENTER.

walk to Data > Flash Fill, or press Ctrl+E.

Excel will feeling the pattern you detailed in C2, and also fill the cells below.

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