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When you select text, girlfriend can display or hide the handy Mini toolbar, which help you job-related with fonts, alignment, text color, indenting, and also bullets.

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The following illustration shows the Mini toolbar once you rest your reminder on it.


To usage the Mini toolbar, choose the message you want to format and then click an choice on the toolbar.

If girlfriend don"t desire to view the Mini toolbar, you have the right to turn it turn off as defined next.

Turn turn off the Mini toolbar

In her Office application, click File > Options > General.

Clear the Show Mini Toolbar top top selection inspect box.

Click OK.

Turn off the Mini toolbar in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint

Click the doyourpartparks.org Office Button , and also then click (Office applications name) Options. For example, click Word Options.


Click Popular, and then under Top choices for working through (Office applications name), clean the Show Mini Toolbar ~ above selection inspect box.


Click OK.

Turn turn off the Mini toolbar in Outlook

Open a new message.

Click the doyourpartparks.org Office Button , and then click Editor Options.

Under Working through Outlook and other doyourpartparks.org Office programs, clean the Show Mini Toolbar ~ above selection inspect box.

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Click OK.


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