HARPER T ORPHY $4.95 S UM ,II6CON ~ ~ '\" ., z c 0 c r 0 & & ... .. -.0 .. 0 .. Winner of the Caldecott Medal for the many Distinguished picture Book of the Year images BY HarperTrophy A department ofHarperCollinsPublisbers The night Max wore his wolf suit and made mischief of one type • ns , • j and another his mother dubbed him \"WR.D THING!\" and Max claimed \"I'LL EAT girlfriend UP!\" so he was sent out to bed without eating anything. That an extremely night in Max's room a forest grew and also grew-and grew until his hung with vines and also the walls became the human being all aronnd , and an s tumbled by through a private watercraft for Max and also he sailed off v night and also day • • . - • --and in and out of mainly and practically over a year to whereby the wild points are. And also when he came to the ar where the wild things space they roared their destructive roars and gnashed their devastating teeth and rolled their devastating eyes and also showed their terrible claws till Max stated \"BE STILLl\" and tamed them through the magic cheat of staring right into all your yellow eyes without blinking once and they to be frightened and also called the the most wild point of all and made that king of every wild things. \"And now,\" cry Max, \"let the wild rumpus start!\" , i I, . Ns /-i ___ \"Now stop!\" Max said and sent the wild things off come bed without their supper. And Max the king of every wild points was lonely and also wanted come be whereby someone love him ideal of all. Climate all around from far away throughout the world he smelled good things to eat therefore he offered up gift king of whereby the wild things are.

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However the wild points cried, \"Oh you re welcome don't go-we'll eat girlfriend up-we love girlfriend so!\" and also Max said, \"No!\" The wild points roared their destructive roars and also gnashed their destructive teeth and also rolled their damaging eyes and also showed their destructive claws but Max stepped right into his personal boat and waved good-bye and sailed ago over a year and also in and out of weeks and through a day and also into the night the his very own room where he uncovered his supper waiting for him and also it to be still hot. Also by Maurice Sendak Winn r 1 4 e , 96Caldecott M d l e aWi ennr, 1 970 H na s chris a Atin ndersen wA a s rdIllus tra tors M d l e aWinne r, 1 82 Am9e crian B k ooAward Winne r, 1 8 L9 3 a a urIngalls Wild r M d together ee aHe oelr Pr loeelor and also A i s Wenl end Ihe Wale : rTwo Nursery rhyme s hello l ly Pi l ly ggeggeRp! o r Th r Mu l B M re e se o e 1 0 Life In Ihe Nighl Kit h n c eK nnye's home window Maurice Sendak really R's osie S: larring Ihe Nul h ll kids es NUls eh ll Library O s e UlidOver over there The S gi n on R iose's D r ooWiry much Away