Welcome come this week’s execution of The Friday Five! The Friday five is a feature that I write-up every Friday in which I provide my thoughts on a topic that’s related to NBA Live, NBA 2K, and also other basketball video clip games, and also the real NBA, and also other areas of interest to ours community. The feature is presented together either a perform of five items, or in the kind of a peak 5 countdown. This week’s five is a perform of the five worst prizes that you can acquire on the day-to-day Spin in MyCAREER.

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We’ve take away a look at the best, so now it’s time to check out the worst! last week, I listed my picks because that the best Daily spin prizes; the most preferable freebies that the wheel had to offer. This week, it’s all around the prizes the feel favor a slap in the face. You’d virtually rather victory nothing than watch the wheel floor on this prizes, and also when her player pumps your fist at seeing the result, it’s favor it’s rubbing that in. Sure, free is complimentary and us shouldn’t watch a gift steed in the mouth, however in our disappointment, it’s challenging to even contact these “prizes”.

Once again, these room my an individual picks, and also at least a couple of them room subjective. The usefulness of certain prizes does rely on your selection of modes, and also what’s beneficial to one gamer might be utterly useless to another. There’s definitely room because that discussion and disagreement, just as there was as soon as it pertained to the finest prizes to obtain on the daily Spin. However, based on my experiences and habits in MyCAREER, as well as taking right into account just how appropriate particular prizes space for various gamers, these are my picks. By all means feel cost-free to disagree and also suggest your own picks in the comments. Through that being said, right here are the worst everyday Spin prizes, in mine view.

1. Swag’s Item


Of every the totally free clothing item prizes you can win on the everyday Spin, the Swag’s item would have to objectively, repetitively be the worst. Over there are other ill-fitting prizes you deserve to win – more on that later on – yet landing ~ above Swag’s is constantly tremendously disappointing. The an easy reason for that is the the variety of item that room actually compensation eligible is very limited. There are a lot of of fancy and possibly appealing items because that sale in Swag’s, many of them carrying hefty price tags, yet you’ll never have the ability to snag them with a day-to-day Spin prize. No, you’ll only be getting the designer clothes, watches, and also other expensive equipment if you covering out upwards the 25,000 VC.

What execute you obtain with a totally free Swag’s Item native the daily Spin? among the level t-shirts, basketball shorts, perhaps one or two other cheap items…and that’s usually it. You’ve got a bit an ext to select from if you take place to win an object of a particular brand, yet if it’s just the totally free Swag’s Item, friend might also not bother heading there to pick up her prize. You can’t also use it come buy accessories for 2K Pro-Am and also The Rec, which would certainly at the very least be advantageous (and prefer NBA accessories, most likely should be totally free anyway). Several of these other daily Spin prizes, while somewhat underwhelming, are still advantageous or desirable in their own right. A free item native Swag’s is a finish bust.

2. 2x MyREP…If friend Don’t beat Online


Now, ns do venture online and also I have an attention in raising my MyREP, therefore this isn’t a poor prize for me personally. However, for gamers who just play the NBA side of MyCAREER, it’s a completely useless prize the they’ll never take benefit of. Even if you room an digital gamer, if you don’t have the time or inclination come play at that an extremely moment, the can additionally go to waste. The duration that the 2x MyREP bonus large has likewise been nerfed in NBA 2K21 existing Gen, through the 5 hour prize gift eliminated. I can understand the on one hand, however if you’re a 2K Pro-Am or Rec baller, then the one hour rise is really only good for one game, and also that’s if you obtain in straight away.

Honestly, this emphasize the trouble with the MyREP system. As I’ve disputed in vault articles, it’s one online-only rewards system, yet it likewise includes contents that strict offline/NBA MyCAREER gamers would be interested in, such together animations and also MyCOURT customisation. The rewards were likewise poorly distributed once again in NBA 2K21. I’d say that it was a copy and paste job, however they in reality made a couple of changes the placed details rewards at even worse levels. In short, anything to execute with MyREP is a disappointment because that offline gamers, and also honestly, no that much far better for digital gamers, either. Even though I’ve made use of it, it’s one of the worst prizes.

3. Totally free Tattoo


I’m certain this is the one that involves mind for a many of people when lock hear “worst daily Spin prizes”. Imagine heading to the day-to-day Spin, hope for some VC, some shoes, or at least some apparel you have the right to wear in The Playground, such as a Hardwood classics jersey or a branded t-shirt. The wheel go round and round, slowly down, and then finally…you victory a free tattoo. On the plus side, you can now choose the tattoo if you decision to insurance claim it, vice versa, in NBA 2K19 it simply randomly assigned girlfriend one. Unfortunately, your options are limited to what’s compensation eligible, and also not surprisingly, the excludes the premium tattoos, as well as a mass of the cheaper ones, too.

Granted, if you do want to offer your MyPLAYER part ink there is no breaking the bank, it’s convenient. I’ve regularly ignored the free tattoos that ns win, yet just because that fun, ns did claim and also place castle in mine NBA 2K20 MyCAREER. Of course, I additionally had to ar them every again after ns won one more one and also tried to claim it, therefore it seems there’s a pest on optimal of every little thing else. I’m no saying friend can’t have fun providing your player tattoos, and also hey, it’s a many cheaper than having to spend ridiculous amounts of VC top top them. It’s a letdown as soon as there room much far better prizes on market though, and “free tattoo” has end up being something of a running gag to amount up disappointed wheel spins.

4. Gatorade Boosts


This is one that some MyCAREER gamers may disagree with, yet I’ve never found the Gatorade Boosts really useful. They simply haven’t seemed to make much distinction in mine experience. Possibly I’m careful enough through my sprint consumption that ns don’t find my player is winded very often when I’ve increased their Stamina attribute, or perhaps I’m taking it because that granted. Either way, I’m never thrilled when the wheel soil on one of the Gatorade boosts prizes, which appears to be reasonably often. V that in mind, I mean I’ve seldom played without a kind supply the them, for this reason there’s a opportunity that I’m not appreciating the usefulness of those digital Gatorade products.

In any type of case, their benefit has never felt tangible come me; no in the same means as win VC, shoes and clothing that i want, or also Skill Boosts. I constantly wish the I arrived at one that those prizes as soon as I end up with Gatorade Boosts, i m sorry I’ve never ever felt inclined come buy from the Gatorade Gym, either. If I might go on one more tangent here, the entirety extra sprint/working out for rises mechanic is pointless busywork, and another method to rubbish VC that’s better spent top top attribute upgrades. At the very least we don’t have to visit the fresh Squeezed juice stand to unlock the full number of practice drills anymore. Remember when gamings used to be about playing virtual basketball?

5. Any kind of Prizes that Don’t match Endorsements


The capability to choose details prizes native the various stores is an innovation over the approach in NBA 2K19, i m sorry was basically “Here’s what you’ve won, take it or leaving it.” as soon as again, the variety of item that space actually prize eligible isn’t always that broad, yet you can usually discover something the you’re grateful to choose up because that free. The assorted apparel brands – Jordan, Nike, Under Armour, etc – room stingy v their premium items, yet you can choose some clothes that’ll help you to stand out in The Playground. This compensation can conversely be supplied to pick up a pair the shoes, though the an option of eligible items in 2K pair of shoes is quite restricted compared to its very own giveaway.

So, what’s the drawback? Well, in ~ some allude in her MyCAREER, you’re walking to obtain the endorsement transaction of her choice. When you’ve inked that contract, you’ll need to stick to her brand’s apparel. That method if you’ve signed v Jordan and also you victory an Under armor prize, it’s walk to walk to waste. You can include it to her inventory, that course, but Jordan Brand is not going to be pleased if you ever don it. This is whereby it’d be exceptionally handy to be able to trade in unsuitable prizes – or indeed, any prizes that you don’t want – for a token lot of VC, prefer quick-selling a MyTEAM card for MT. Sadly, ns can’t check out that level of generosity coming to the day-to-day Spin prizes.

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What space your picks for the worst daily Spin prizes? permit me recognize in the comments, and as always, feel free to take the discussion to the NLSC Forum! That’s every for this week, so thanks for check in, have a an excellent weekend, and also please join me again next Friday for another Five.