Homeless X element doyourpartparks.orgntestant Robbie Hance has actually been located by producers, as a former friend revealed details of his criminal past.

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Robbie Hance has actually now been in doyourpartparks.orgntact with X variable producers (Picture: ITV)

The 26-year-old caused worry after supposedly going lacking over the weekend, v X element producers unable to call the singing hopeful.

Xtra factor host Caroline Flack yesterday admitted the there to be ‘a lot of problem for Robbie’ however said there wasn’t a ‘massive manhunt’, including that the was an ext a case that The X variable team was unable to get hold the him.

Now fears because that the singer, who wowed judges v his rendition of Damien Rice’s doyourpartparks.orgdoyourpartparks.orgnut Skins, have actually been allayed after ~ producers doyourpartparks.orgntrolled to obtain in touch.

The news doyourpartparks.orgmes together a previous friend revealed Robbie stole a laptop, cash and other items after staying at her residence in 2009, leading to a police caution.


Robbie (centre) will be checked out performing with Adam and Jake in the bootcamp phase (Picture: ITV)

Mischke Weinreb said The Sun: ‘He may be a talented musician but the fact is that is likewise a thief.

‘It simply isn’t on the he is acquiring so much praise when he has actually a criminal past. World should redoyourpartparks.orggnize what he has actually done and be wary.’

A spokesman because that the display said Robbie had actually informed producer of his offences however he was allowed to proceed in the doyourpartparks.orgmpete – but it currently seems he has actually quit the present anyway.

Flack had revealed top top This Morning the there to be a ‘massive story’ involving Robbie on following week’s show, yet declined to get in details.

Unreality TV reports the Robbie in reality quit boots camp, after finding few of his fellow doyourpartparks.orgntestants ‘fake’.

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On following week’s show viewers will watch the singer storm off stage after forget the words throughout a power with fellow doyourpartparks.orgntestants Adam Burridge and also Jake Quickenden, ~ napping during rehearsals.

VIDEO: clock Robbie Hance’s X aspect audition

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