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This is one of those points that I thought was something many of the fandom had picked increase on, but recently realized might not it is in the case. For world who clock A lot of anime/read a most manga, you can be going“Jesus Dave why perform you feel the need to make a post about something so obvious???” however not everyone has this understanding that depends on an understanding of particular folklore and a connected holiday! so let’s start with a basic bit the information.

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As it transforms out, the main actors all have far-reaching Birthdays v a clean pattern to them. Most human being know this component of that - that Leorio’s birthday is 3/3 and also it go onward from there through Kurapika - 4/4, Gon - 5/5, Hisoka - 6/6(/6), and then finally Killua - 7/7.

Maybe you additionally know that several of these space holidays or otherwise significant! Leorio’s date of birth is hinamatsuri. Kurapika’s birthday doesn’t fall on a holiday, but as 4/4, it’s one inauspicious day to have a child (to summarize v. Briefly, due to the fact that of similarities in together with the word for fatality 4 is thought about an unlucky number in many asian cultures, similar to west fixation on and phobia the the number 13/specifically the idea the Friday the 13th). Gon’s birthday is Children’s Day!Hisoka’s birthday may or may not be a genuine reference come the entirety 666 concept, but given it’s a Judeo-Christian thing I feel choose it’s an ext A+ coincidence.

Some of this holidays are much more meaningful/linked come the personalities than rather - Gon’s birthday being Children’s job seems much more of a please nod come him gift the child hero/protagonist that the series, and also Leorio’s birthday vacation doesn’t seem to be pertinent at every to his character (though it should be said in caps and underlined, March third is the day the HxH thing 1 was an initial published). Kurapika’s birthday has an wait of misfortune suitable to his character type. Hisoka is Satan.

But Killua’s date of birth is one that has a little more to sink your teeth right into than the others. Because unlike hinamatsuri or Children’s Day, July 7th is a festival holiday v a myth attached to it. A tale of star-crossed lovers, virtually literally, and one the is reflect in so many facets of Killua’s life.

Because Killua’s birthday drops on Tanabata.

The story of Tanabata is, like many folklore stories, one that varies contempt from informing to telling. Some details gain omitted, things get tweaked, but the essential parts never ever change. The beginning of the story is from Chinese folklore, yet as Togashi is a Japanese author I feel his intake of the themes of it are much more Tanabata than the original Weaver Girl and also Cowherd story native Chinese folklore. So to reflect the I’ll be making use of the Japanese names for the holiday and also deities associated in it.

Tanabata is the story of Orihime and Hikoboshi, 2 lovers who room separated by the flow of the Milky Way. Together the legend goes, lock are only able to meet once a year.

This is the component of the tale that human being typically know - if you have any inkling the what Tanabata is, it’s certainly this aspect of it at least. Yet there’s much more to the story than just that, and also that’s the component that i really want to talk about.

The communication of the story is this - Orihime is the daughter the the skies King, and also each work she sits by the flow of the Milky means and weaves beautiful clothing. This is the project her father has provided her, and her occupational delights him and also makes the happy. But due to the fact that all she go is weave, Orihime is horribly lonely and sad - she works difficult to please her father, but as such she will never have the ability to meet someone and also fall in love.

Seeing that his daughter is unhappy, the sky King presented her come a male who functioned as a cowherd top top the other side that the river, Hikoboshi. The two dropped in love practically at very first sight and married.

But with her newfound happiness, Orihime no much longer cared do to the task that pleased her father. She exit her work, spending she time v her husband rather of weaving for her father. To add salt come the wound, Hikoboshi allowed his herd to graze across Heaven.

Angered by these events, the sky King tore the lover apart, banishing Hikoboshi come the various other side the the Milky method and forbidding the 2 from meeting again. However his plot devastate Orihime, that begs the to enable her to check out Hikoboshi when more. And also the skies King relents, informing Orihime that if she finishes she weaving and works tirelessly, that will permit her to meet with Hikoboshi ~ above the 7th that July.

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But as soon as the job comes, the two lovers come to a realization - despite they to be no longer forbidden to fulfill at the very least for this day, there to be no leg for lock to cross to perform so.

Distraught, Orihime began to weep, and also in solution a i cry of magpies promised her that they would certainly make a bridge for her through their wing so that she might cross and be v her beloved. Each year, ~ above July 7th, Orihime and also Hikoboshi involved either next of the river, and also if the skies are clear and free of rain the magpies will certainly gather and assist the 2 reunite once more. (You can read more about that on wikipedia but I’ve basically summarized the pretty thoroughly)

So, we deserve to condense the story into a few key points:

Orihime functions for her fatherOrihime is sad the her work keeps she from fallout’s in loveOrihime expresses this wishThe sky King enables her to leave to meet with who (Hikoboshi), expecting that once this wish is fulfilled she will certainly return and also work because that him once moreOrihime does no returnThe two lovers are required apartOrihime has actually no an option but to returnOrihime begs her father to enable her to watch Hikoboshi againThe day Is Saved, thanks To BirdsThe two component once more, to meet again an additional day

Now let’s look in ~ Killua, condensing significant parts of his character advancement events in the exact same way:

Killua works for his fatherKillua is sad the his job-related keeps the from gift a typical kid and also making friendsKillua expresses this great (to Illumi, throughout the test arc - “I want to be friends v Gon”)Silva permits him to leave to meet with someone (Gon*), expecting the he will certainly return once it’s the end of his system and also go ago to gift an assassin, making Killua promise to never betray his friendsKillua does not returnThe Chimera Ant arc happens, and also they are forced apart due to Gon’s comaKillua has no choice but to returnKillua uses the promise Silva make him do to pressure his hand into permitting him to do what needs to be done to conserve Gon (and check out him again)