Cast your mind back to 2014, once a little-known Taika Waititi directed, wrote, produced and starred in What We execute In The Shadows, a brand-new Zealand fear comedy mockumentary developed with Jermaine Clement. 

Five year later, FX would release the first television collection of What We perform In The Shadows, adhering to the same layout as the film yet focussing ~ above a team of vampires and also their familiar living in Staten Island. Spoiler alert: it to be hilarious.

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After enjoying two seasons of hilarious characters in luxury costumes, the temptation ended up being too lot to stand up to – we had actually to shot and replicate the stunning looks developed by costume designer Amanda Neale. 

Here’s exactly how we styled 3 looks based upon the central characters of Laszlo, Nadja and Nandor using items from our shop.

Don’t forget your fangs – you can not be a bloodsucker there is no them!

Nandor the Relentless

Kayvan Novak plays Nandor the Relentless, an old Iranian warlord turned leader of the house. Nandor thinks that the elevation of fashion is fur, jewels and a luxurious mane the hair.

His apparel usually come in blood red, animal leather brown or gold-accented black, so he’s specifically easy to version a sophisticated dress costume on. We began off v our 60s Brown long Neil Wig, styling the front of it right into a swept ago bun to get the ideal shape. 


Here we’ve created a Nadja from ours Vampire Lady costume which has actually a high collar, draped sleeves and a gorgeous bodice detail.

If you want to try and replicate her significant hair, you can take ours Black long Curly Wig and backcomb that to do it huge.

Alternative ideas:

Wear this heat Goddess costume to imitate Nadja’s version of Henri Regnault’s Salome painting.

Dress your small one increase in this Regal Countess costume and also pretend they’re your Nadja doll!

Guillermo and Colin Robinson

There space two really important members that the family members that we’ve missed the end – but that’s just due to the fact that they’re the simplest to dress as.

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Guillermo de la Cruz is Nandor’s familiar, a vampire hopeful and all-round lover chap. His costume is as an easy as a brown cardigan end a beige shirts – charity shops should have actually just the thing. Add a pair of round glasses and also a feather duster (or stake) for maximum effect.

Colin Robinson is an power vampire – which method he looks and acts specifically like every boring human being you’ve ever met in an office. Slap ~ above a fully cap, wear part black nerd glasses and also dress you yourself in a white shirt through beige tie and also jumper. Don’t forget come ask everyone if castle have any updog!

Will you it is in dressing as one of the What We carry out In The Shadows crew this Halloween? We’d love to see what you put together!

If friend think you can compete, why not suggest a Halloween costume competition?