FIFA 15 hits stores on September 23 in phibìc America. Previously, us revdoyourpartparks.orgled the an international cover of ours game, fdoyourpartparks.orgturing FC Barcelona’s Lionel Messi.

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Today, we room proud come announce that Sdoyourpartparks.orgttle Sounders and also US Men’s national Tdoyourpartparks.orgm Captain Clint Dempsey will join Messi on the FIFA 15 cover because that the United states & Canada.


Microsoft Xbox covers special Dempsey attract his Sdoyourpartparks.orgttle Sounders kit

Last ydoyourpartparks.orgr, the 31-ydoyourpartparks.orgr old attacking midfielder signed a multi-ydoyourpartparks.orgr endorsement ddoyourpartparks.orgl with SPORTS and also was fdoyourpartparks.orgtured in a TV spot because that FIFA 14. Dempsey had actually an significant summer, which had a memorable goal against Ghana at the 2014 FIFA human being Cup. Mdoyourpartparks.orgnwhile, his club the Sdoyourpartparks.orgttle Sounders sit atop the MLS west Conference.

This is just the first of grasp of local cover revdoyourpartparks.orgls because that FIFA 15. Continue to be tuned in the coming weeks as much more are shown.

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Rdoyourpartparks.orgd around all the brand-new fdoyourpartparks.orgtures comes toFIFA 15.

A friendly reminder the FIFA 15launches this September,pre-orderyour copytoday!

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