Making fake cum in ~ home deserve to be a an extremely fun experience, and it’s an extremely easy come do. All you need is some water, cornstarch, and sugar to make it taste sweet, and voila!


Whether you have a cum fetish or merely want to spice up your sex life in some way (can be provided as lube because that you or your toy favor in our finest lube for Fleshlight guide), make fake cum have the right to be actual fun.

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There are plenty of brand that sell fake cum, but not every one of them are of good quality.

So, that’s why we’re here today!

If you were trying to find the best fake cum recipes or best on how to use it in the bedroom, you’re in the right place, friend.

Let’s start by looking in ~ the best fake cum recipes first:

Table that Contents

5 ideal Fake Cum RecipesIdeas on whereby To usage Fake Cum for FunFrequently Asked questions Answered:

5 finest Fake Cum Recipes

I have to note one point first:

If you decide to walk a homemade route and also use food assets to make her fake cum, you need to keep in mind the not whatever is an ideal for consumption or including on your genitalia.

So, review the instructions carefully!

#1: Most well-known Homemade Recipe

For this recipe, you’ll need:

1 egg white1 cup that water2 tablespoons that cornstarch1 tablespoon of greek yogurta pinch of salt (you deserve to skip this if you want)

Directions room pretty easy:

First, you’ll want to take a 1/4 cup that water and also mix in her cornstarch till it’s dissolved.

Then, take it the continuing to be water in a pan and also boil it over the stove.

Your following step is to mix in the cornstarch mixture right into the cook water and mix it together until the thickens.

Once it’s thick, remove it indigenous the stove and let that cool come room temperature. It’s essential you don’t whisk in the egg into the hot mixture unless you want to make scrambled egg whites.

Now, as soon as your mixture is cool enough, it’s time come whisk in the egg white and also yogurt and include a pinch of salt if you really desire to make it taste realistic.

This fake cum will be an excellent for about a work if you save it in the fridge, for this reason don’t wait approximately to usage it. It’s always best to use fresh!

Also, psychic that because this recipe has pet protein in it, it might not be safe to usage on the vagina together it can cause infection.

But this fake cup cooking recipes is for sure for intake as all the ingredients room edible.

Have fun!

#2: Recipe because that Those Who have A Sweet Tooth

For this recipe, you’ll need:

250 ML water1 heaping tablespoon of cornstarch1 come 1.5 teaspoons sugar


First, you’ll have to take a bit of that water and mix it through cornstarch till it’s completely dissolved.

Then, mix all the ingredients within the pan and also bring it to cook on the stove.

Mix it together until it’s all merged and climate let the cool for around 15 to 30 minute or until it’s no too hot to the touch.

Now, this cooking recipes is very easy come make, and also it has actually a nice sweet taste come it, so while it’s not also realistic, it can be more pleasant because that those of friend who like it sweet.

This fake cum recipe is also edible, yet I don’t recommend placing it on her body or vagina because sugar can reason yeast infections.


#3: The simplest Homemade Recipe

For this recipe, you’ll need:



I recommend mixing 4 parts of yogurt and 1 part of water and mixing it till it’s all combined and your desired consistency.

You deserve to make it thinner or thicker as you mix it, and also it will look rather realistic.

This is precise the easiest recipe in the world.

Hell, if in the center of sex, you determined that you need some fake cum, you can just easily run to the kitchen and also make some in simply a minute!

That’s how easy and convenient this is!

Now, as with other recipes, it’s edible and also should it is in body-safe come use. Yet I would not recommend making use of it as lube as it’s always safest to go through the lube the you know!

#4: buy The Fake Cum Lube

Now, ns personally think her best and also safest bet would be to simply buy some cum lube.

There space plenty of options on the market, and this way, friend don’t have to worry about fake cum being safe on the human body or her genitals.

Also, that will save you the problem of having actually to clean the kitchen and store your fake cum in the fridge till it’s time come use.

And don’t worry, friend don’t have to buy high value cum lube. Over there are good options because that you that expense less than $10:

I personally think it’s precious spending a few bucks and also getting fake cum that was designed and produced especially to be provided as fake cum.

#5: Methyl cellulose Cum

And one more fake-cum choice for you right here is to use methyl cellulose.

It’s a genuine tongue twister, right?

But this is specifically what world in the porn industry use as soon as they’re filming and also need real-looking cum that is body-safe and also won’t cause infections.

It’s sugar-free and also doesn’t have actually food ingredients that would reason infection if provided inside the vagina, so it can be precious looking right into it.

If you decision to usage this as your fake cum option, ns don’t recommend eating it as it’s not expected for this purpose and also can be harmful.

You’ll likewise need come mix it through some warmth water before you use as this product is very thick on itself.

Ideas on where To use Fake Cum because that Fun

There are many reasons why you might want to usage fake cum because that fun, also if you’re no making porn at home:

#1: Cum Fetish

Maybe you have actually a cum fetish? and like to bathe in it throughout sex.

Well, that’s great; a fake cum deserve to make it fun for you!

Unless you’re having sex through a whole football team in ~ the same time, the possibilities are that one guy is no going to create enough cum to satiate your fetish.

Ask your partner to use fake cum ~ above you. If you’re into some BDSM play:

You have the right to ask your companion to tie friend up and also blindfold you. Obtain some toys, and fake cum, and also your partner have the right to pretend that there are a lot of males penetrating you and also cummin ~ above you.

It deserve to be a really fun way to freckles up her sex life and satisfy the cum fetish.

#2: Cum together A Lube

Using cum together lube have the right to be very erotic and fun in bed.

If you’re gift safe v your partner and also you both don’t carry any kind of STIs, then ditch the condom and also use fake cum rather of the lube.

Now, for this, you’ll have to make certain that the fake cum is for sure to use on your body, for this reason the homemade recipes might not be good here.

But, if you discover fake cum that’s safe to use and also that girlfriend like, absolutely give that a try!

#3: Squirting Dildos

Another good way to usage fake cum is by utilizing squirting dildos.

If you’re solitary and want to enhance your masturbation sessions by making them feel an ext realistic, this is perfect because that you.

Get fake cum, a squirting dildo, and masturbation will certainly feel similar to the actual thing.

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And, if you have actually a partner, you have the right to still usage this just as well and also make the a full cum fest!

Frequently Asked inquiries Answered:

Let’s watch at several of the most famous questions that civilization have when it involves using fake cum.