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Adam has been chasing Disney from coast to shore recently and constantly spring to argue with people on YouTube. A object was asked for so here it is....
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Recap: Adam has actually in the critical month (or two) revealed his young girlfriend, his purchase of DVC and putting practically his entire life savings right into Disney stock. Climate he launched a half-a$$ed setup to go to opening day of Disneyland there is no the compelled California ID.
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Thank girlfriend for creating this! Let"s check out if the sticks great we might move the hundred comments native TTT thread end to here, however that"s no going come happen.
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Thank girlfriend for developing this! Let"s watch if it sticks wish we can move the hundred comments from TTT thread over to here, however that"s no going to happen.
So what"s the resolve his girlfriend? Twitter account? first I heard of she over top top the T&J thread.
So what"s the deal with his girlfriend? Twitter account? very first I heard of she over top top the T&J thread.
Search because that the surname Daphne Del Ray. She has Twitter, Insta, Phub, and OFans last i checked. She is likely 28 years old.
Why walk he have 2 apartments? This guy is walk to it is in broke prior to long and living out of a valve again. Ns hope he gets experienced advice on just how to manage money and retirement.
So what"s the deal with his girlfriend? Twitter account? first I heard of her over on the T&J thread.
Natalie his "friend" is actually porn star Daphne del Rey. She has a just Fans, Instagram, and Porn Hub tab all very NSFW. Here"s she Twitter connect proved a week earlier that Adam was coming.
Why does he have actually 2 apartments? This male is walk to be broke before long and living the end of a van again. I hope he gets professional advice on how to handle money and retirement.

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He has them to literally be close to Disney. That"s the only reason. He acquired the Celebration place on a usual Adam whim when visiting in November. Usually he got exhausted of paying because that hotel rooms. His California lease is up in August.