in ~ the finish of Sword art Online (episode 25, ~21:40), Kirito states something in the existence of Leafa, Yui, and also Asuna.

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Despite being shown his lips moving, over there is no sound and also so the only hint is just how his lips move. Because my understanding of Japanese is much from extensive, ns don"t have the capability to read what his lips are saying.

What is it the Kirito said to the rather in this final episode?



From the equivalent scene in the light novel (volume 4, chapter 9; p. 308):



With his penetrating gaze, Kirito glanced in ~ Aincrad for a moment, and also then cast his eyes downward. His lips moved. It seemed as despite he had actually said somebody"s name in a faint voice - however couldn"t listen him.

In light of this, it is clear that Kirito said somebody"s name. The seems, however, that the writer chose to leaving the identification of the human being ambiguous.

I think that the conventional inference among the SAO fanbase is the Kirito stated either Sachi"s surname or Kayaba Akihiko"s name. This seems favor a reasonable guess come me, though I"m not sure if there"s any kind of other proof supporting it.

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If I had to guess it would probably be


Which translated method "Thank girlfriend Kayaba Akihiko" I"ve play it over and also over again and that"s all ns can acquire put that it.

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In enhancement to the various other answers i would include some thoughts especially on the


While i am not certain if it"s the case, I would think the the animation was produced in conformity v the authors principles (i.e. They have made decision jointly top top this crucial scene). This means we have the right to take those reactions as according come the canon, hence we have the right to conclude more from castle in enhancement to what is known from the manga.

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Kiritos eyes space not directed at the girl (they are floating slightly above), his head is tilted also or contempt downwards.The girls are paying attention to him once he speaks upThey both had actually a (positively) surprised look at on their challenge which go not change during the scene.Yui additionally seemd contempt surprised, but immediately became content and pleased.There to be no blushing or various other signs.Kirito ended the scene by speak "Alright, here we go!" and attention to be no much longer on that (they to be flying in the direction of Aincrad)


Judging from Yui"s habits earlier, one can guess that he made a confident remark about (the connection with) Asuna (pleasing Yui), while in ~ the very same time original sufficient to surprised both girls.