I am curious around what does that means? I assumed that phrase just has negative meaning( choose true to urself. Behave your true self, etc.. I have the right to not find any positive meaning about this phrase), so i am wonder does he simply tell me to relax and chill( be a actual human and do not push myself unrealistic hard, due to the fact that I started work-related from 8:30AM to now) or this is a ironic joke( choose he go not think I am working but just wasting time pretending working)?

Since He said that straight to me, for this reason this makes me therefore confused! im still discovering doyourpartparks.org, and also I execute not make any kind of misunderstanding to anyone or through anyone, please help.


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Equivalent come "See ya later."

It has actually a positive connotation. You are provided credit for being capable of being "real": considerate, responsible, honest, trustworthy.

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Probably a step listed below "righteous dude" yet a step above "Whazzup?"

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