You"ve more than likely seen other civilization use these on the door once you room waiting for a complement to start. Sprays deserve to be a fun method of mirroring off a bit, and every one of the heroes have a number of their own distinctive sprays. Step 1)Earn or unlock the spray of your choice.

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Some sprays are awarded to you randomly from the loot boxes you gain every time girlfriend level up. Some have the right to be earned by completing details achievements, and also you can also earn credits through those exact same loot boxes come buy the specific sprays you are looking for.

Step 2)Equip a spray in the hero overview menu.
Choose the hero rundown from the key menu, and also select the character you desire to equip a spray for. The will present you all of the sprays available, v the ones you have actually unlocked displayed first. This is where you have the right to buy brand-new ones, and also where you will equip the one you desire to use.

Step 3)Tag noþeles you want in game.
The default crucial on xbox come tag other is the up arrowhead on the d-pad, and "t" ~ above PC. You deserve to only have actually one tag in the game people at a time, for this reason remember any kind of time friend tag miscellaneous new, her old one is going to disappear.

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These sprays have the right to be a fun means of tailoring your character a bit, and also if you simply did miscellaneous that can show increase in the pat of the game at the end? Why no tag someone, and also make that play something just a little much more interesting with your own included customization.
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