Alan Jackson is rightfully celebrated for honoring country"s affluent past, but one the his biggest hits pointed come the genre"s fun-in-the-sun future.

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"Chattahoochee," a cut from 1992 albumA Lot about Livin" (and a small "Bout Love), came to be a single in might 1993. That topped the charts that August and remains among the most-loved singles indigenous the very same year that carried us Vince Gill"s"I Still think in You,"Toby Keith"s"Should"ve been a Cowboy" and other symbols of "90s country excellence.

The song shows a various side of Jackson"s nostalgic bent, celebrate youthful indiscretion instead of faith, family and also other normal points that pride covered in track throughout the country Music room of Famer"s longstanding working relationship with producer Keith Stegall.

Hillbilly Hedonism

The Jim McBride co-write celebrate summertime "way under yonder" at the lake. It"s there that guys like Jackson fish for crappie, take their pickup trucks off-road and gossip around their partner and/or crushes.

A the majority of Georgians tie these memories to the Chattahoochee River, a human body of water that curves Southwest indigenous the Blue Ridge mountains in Union County. The bends all the way South to whereby the lower Chattahoochee meets with the Flint River and Lake Seminole near the Florida panhandle and empties right into the Gulf of Mexico.

It"s a mighty resource for both recreation-seeking Southerners and the Georgia Power utility company. Georgia"s assorted redneck rivieras follow me "the Hooch" include the Chattahoochee River national Recreation Area in Sandy Springs, metro Atlanta"s Buford Dam in ~ Lake Lanier, the George W. Andrew Lake in south Georgia, Goat absent Lake in the central part that the state and Chattahoochee bend State Park in Jackson"s house town, Newnan. Along the way, it serves as a natural dividing allude between the city that Columbus and also the Alabama border.

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A Meme-Worthy good Time


This story previously ran on Aug. 6, 2018.

"Chattahoochee" Lyrics

Way down yonder top top the ChattahoocheeIt gets hotter 보다 a hoochie coochieWe set rubber top top the Georgia asphaltWe obtained a little crazy yet we never gained caught

Down by the river on a Friday nightA pyramid of cans in the pale moonlightTalkin" "bout cars and dreamin" "bout womenNever had a setup just a livin" because that the minuteYeah means down yonder on the ChattahoocheeNever knew exactly how much that muddy water intended to meBut ns learned exactly how to swim and also I learned that I wasA lot around livin" and a little "bout love