These self-styled backstabbers, troublemakers and bitches room trying to revolve their stays around... Yet will the poor Girls end up to run riot?

Upon moving into a stunning Los Angeles mansion, it's not lengthy until seven all-new poor Girls lose their cool and also end the night at every other's throats.

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The poor Girls separate right into two distinctly various cliques: The Hyenas and also The Party Girls. Later,The girls obtain a visit from fit regional guy, P.J.

The gloves come off together tensions between The Hyenas and also The Party Girls lastly boil over. Darlen and also Neveen take it "food fight" to a whole brand-new level.

Lyric signs with a sketchy LA music manager in the expect of acquisition the rap human being by storm. Family hostility softens after a pilgrimage to the shooting range.

Cordelia finally finds some self-esteem, but her newfound confidence lamp Tanisha's fuse and also causes a verbal explosion the deafening proportions.
The Hyenas' constant complaining pushes the Party Girls over the edge. Cordelia ignores her fiancé's phone call in favour the a fling through her new LA boy toy.
The Party Girls and Hyenas traction a series of pranks as they battle for household supremacy. Lyric returns to the house and also doesn't prefer what she sees.
Tanisha decides to present the "real her" after ~ Jennavecia contaminates her juice. Lyric reaches she breaking suggest after a boil confrontation indigenous Tanisha.
The bad Girls sell support come Darlen as her drink spirals the end of control. Meanwhile, Cordelia go on a bender that her very own after dumping Taylor.
A large brawl is sparked as Tanisha and also Jennavecia use pranks to rise their method to the top. Freshly sober Darlen reexamines her place in the Party Girls.
Tanisha and Jennavecia take duty for your actions. Cultivation tired of her brand-new fling, Scott, Cordelia problems that dumping Taylor to be a mistake.
Darlen feels the should switch cliques ~ Tanisha and also Jennavecia obtain into a physics altercation. Meanwhile, the girls setup their an initial work party.
Drama between Jennavecia and the bad Girls leaves everyone feeling tense. Cordelia has actually a scare attack, while the girls acquire a new roommate, Andrea.
With Andrea by she side, Cordelia strives to it is in the new leader the "The Party Girls." Jennavecia is removed from the mansion ~ quitting she job.
Scott flips out as soon as someone dishes dust on Cordelia, therefore she goes trying to find the culprit. Hanna and also Tanisha try to readjust Neveen's referee ways.
The girls throw a wild lingerie party that consists of a ménage a trios through their boss. Cordelia and also Andrea's friendship is taken to the next level.
Darlen grows jealousy of Andrea and also Cordelia's farming friendship, resulting in Andrea come relapse right into a major disorder. Tanisha organizes a carefree sleepover.
Drunken Cordelia vocalizes her ugly girl complicated by revealing her past to the Hyenas, who usage every chance to manipulate it. Andrea vents via an virtual blog.
Darlen unleashes her aggression on an obnoxious clubgoer. Cordelia decides to drop alcohol cold turkey and enlists the girls' assist with the difficult task.
Andrea's boyfriend, Josh, visits the mansion and also repulses every the negative Girls. Tensions room high once a housemate leaves her MySpace diary unattended.
The housemates turn against Andrea after reading her diary, resulting in her come flee the house. The girl later obtain in a bar struggle in which Tanisha is arrested.
With their fellow roommate incarcerated, the girls scramble to pick up the pieces. Upon return from jail, Tanisha gets in a heated dispute with Neveen.
After return from prison, Tanisha is still upset at the various other girls as old partnerships shatter. Every 5 originals to speak a tearful good-bye at the airport.

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Four months have actually passed and all eight negative Girls are earlier to resolve some loose business, once and for all. This reunion is held by Star Jones.