Have friend downloaded any of our complimentary WFRP adventures, adventure seed or resources? Here’s a handy list so you have the right to pick and also choose what friend need.

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Night the BloodEverything isn’t as it seems, and soon the unwitting heroes confront deceit, betrayal, and also horror! Download free here.

WFRP Ubersreik Adventures – If Looks can KillDesigned through beginner characters in mind, and concludes in the fortress-town Ubersreik. Download totally free here.

Adventures hath in the Reikland This PDF uses over fifty adventure seed for the Reikland areas presented in WFRP. Download cost-free here.

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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition Starter collection Character PackComplete profiles for the six pre-generated characters from the WFRP Starter Set. They conform come the standard WFRP rules, and also are ready use. Download totally free here.

Did you know we have also included a handy resource section come our website so you can download character sheets and errata?

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