The carrier is among the many used companions in the game and also as a sentinel the does bring a lot of various benefits – beginning with his unique weapon Sweeper and also his three distinct Carrier mods.

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He is also one of the few sentinels the was released as a primed version, also though his components are currently in the vault and also can just be farmed during an unvaulting or by buying castle from various other players.

While he is typically seen as more of a supportive companion, the can additionally be helpful with his extra damage output.

While transport does have his own attack mod, dubbed ‘Striker’, nowadays all sentinels can simply use assault Mode, i m sorry is strict better, calculation the older assault mod obsolete and totally replacing that nowadays.

That said, often times girlfriend don’t even want or need to carry an attack mod on your sentinel, due to the fact that you will need all your weapon mods twice (once because that your major weapon, second time for her sentinel weapon), so most Tennos don’t even bother making use of that.

This guide will offer you every the necessary information you should know about Carrier and some principles on exactly how to build this sentinel.

How To get Carrier

Getting yourself a carrier is pretty simple – well, at the very least obtaining the blueprint is.

All you have to do is open up the market and buy the blueprint for 100.000 credits.

If you are low on the ingame currency, you might want to consider visiting The table of contents or law a couple of Dark Sector goals to quickly gain credits.

Crafting the sentinel is likewise somewhat easy, specifically if you currently have a couple of planets unlocked.

Here is what friend need:

15.000 Credits1.500 Nano Spores (Eris, Neptune, Saturn and Orokin Derelict)1.000 Alloy bowl (Venus, Sedna, Pluto, Phobos, Ceres and Jupiter)400 Circuits (Ceres, Venus and Kuva Fortress)3 regulate Modules (Void, Europa, Neptune)

Getting the control Modules early on in the video game can be rather troublesome, but just save working your way through the star chart.

You’ll be gaining to the planets required soon enough.

How to get Carrier’s unique Mods

As pointed out before, transport does have actually three mode that just this sentinel deserve to use.

While girlfriend don’t desire to use Striker no longer (it should be changed by assault Mode), gaining the other two distinctive mods is an extremely beneficial and advisable.

Here space the Carrier’s mode drop locations:

Ammo Case

While that does drop native Corrupted Butcher and also Corrupted Lancer, girlfriend will obtain your very first copy simply by do the carrier sentinel.

This mod is additionally oftentimes the main reason why civilization really prefer to carry a Carrier into their goals – you merely don’t have to bother around having ammunition troubles every again.


You have the right to buy this mode for as small as 75.000 was standing points native Cephalon Simaris on any relay. While it doesn’t include to your damage or survivability, that is a really nice energy mod and will help you get more resources, credits, mods, Endo and also much more.

Simply because it will certainly break whatever you would miss otherwise.

Best Carrier prime Builds

You usually have to decide if you want to usage your sentinel companion together a damaging support or if you merely want to lug it together a energy bubble that follows you around.

The first one has actually the advantages that you obtain a little bit an ext damage output and you oftentimes can lug elemental damages to reduce armor, health and wellness or whatever else.

Second idea is often times better, because you don’t require to completely mod your sentinel weapon and also you get much more supportive mode to help you in her adventures.

In the finish it is as much as you and your an individual preferences. Us will indicate two various builds here, however you deserve to always change them together needed.

Just make sure to understand the value of the different mods and use lock accordingly.

Carrier Prime damage Support Build

Carrier element No-Damage Build

This version looks pretty comparable to the damages build, yet has a big difference: it isn’t using any attack mod, so her sentinel weapon won’t fire in ~ all.

Instead you acquire to usage Sacrifice, which works good with her Primed Regen.

Sadly, friend won’t acquire a drop indigenous Spare components if the transport is using among the Regen charges, yet will autumn a rare source if it dies totally (or if it gets destroyed since your Warframe died).

The source you’ll gain here is native the planet’s table you’re at this time on, so store that in mind. Likewise sometimes you just get typical or unusual resources, which is simply some negative RNG.

Another vital information: The source drop is influenced by resource Boosters and also will also drop for all her allies!


Carrier and its primed component are very popular companions, mainly due to the fact that of the distinctive mods this sentinel has.

In the end you can always pick every little thing weapon and build friend like, because outside the the ‘must have’ mode on her companions friend don’t really feel the affect all the much.

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You might want to try out the signature weapon Sweeper (an it s okay shotgun for reduced level content) or rather pick the more commonly used Vulklok, i m sorry is just a good sentinel weapon overall.

If girlfriend think you have a much better build or if we missed some necessary information, feel cost-free to leave us a comment!