I'm living in TORONTO Ontario a parcel was sent out to me, it to be to be yielded on the 19th and also it wasn't. The critical scan claimed arrival scan in ~ Concord Ontario and there are no delivery date or time. This is what the says

In Transit reserved Delivery: you re welcome check back later for booked delivery.

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Same facility and situation! ns was supposed to gain my parcel on the 20th.

I’m simply hoping that I’m gonna get my package at some suggest doesn’t matter when and also don’t wanna it is in a cock by calling them.

Let’s watch if they’ll come by the end of the following week.

Update: mine package to be rescheduled come be delivered on Monday.

My package likewise says the exact same thing, but it is in ~ the Kitchener facility. A defense guard tested optimistic for Covid at the UPS Kitchener shipping facility, therefore it could be regarded that.

Honestly unlikely, most hubs have had actually positive situations now, castle just gain deep cleaned and resume operations. Much more likely your package is in one of plenty of piles that packages the didn't make it out, but also hasn't discovered it's method into a maintain trailer for tomorrow. Ns imagine the delivery estimate will update following time the package moves/is scanned again.

Mine as well! I referred to as them and also they said they have no idea where it is and also it need to be misplaced! ns was angry due to the fact that the package includes an ipad pro!! Jeeze... Should I just go come the Concord UPS and also ask lock to find for the package?

I to be in the exact same scenario, RIP both the us. Reportedly the Concord facility is a shitshow, so who knows once anything will arrive.

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https://www.browncafe.com/community/threads/21-confirmed-cases-at-hub.386525/#post-4501029 This may be why its a shit show

Experiencing the same issue. I ordered an iPhone and also it was claimed to come on the 20th yet it didn’t and also the tracking has said “Check ago for scheduled delivery” because that a few days. I’m assuming this means they’re hold the package at the distribution centre and also they room unsure that what day it will be yielded so check earlier for as soon as they upgrade the date. Hopefully her package come soon!

Is over there an update on this like how long the took since I’m worried due to the fact that I bespeak an iPad and also the delivery date has to be rescheduled 2 times and also now it claims unknown distribution date and it states it there is no passed the beginning scan. It also said out for delivery the second time however never proved up

Same here, AirPods Pro's were supposed to which the 15th. The oddest component is, the delivery guy came through them, asked mine housemate his name, then asked if anyone else lived below (housemate name myself and also my girlfriend) driver then runs ago to the truck, package in hand, and drives away all in the span of 15 seconds. Clues my delivery as a refusal and also now I have actually open support tickets through Apple and also UPS. Even spoke come the shift manager in ~ UPS on Tuesday, she stated the driver will carry it the following day. Now simply in limbo and no one has an update. Ns don't care how easily an bespeak comes, just say the day and also hit that day.My business' 3PL has an f-up rate of ~1.5%, ns shudder to think that what the Concord framework rate is.