i am having a problem with Angular JS receiving one error : Uncaught Error: <$injector:modulerr>.My JS-file looks

angular.module("MyApp", <"ngRoute">);angular.module("MyApp",<"ngResource">);function TwitterCtrl($scope,$resource)I likewise included angular-route-js



In advance environments ns recommend you to usage not minified distributives. And also all errors become more informative! rather of angular.min.js, usage angular.js.

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var application = angular.module("myapp", <"ngRoute">);This is getting reference from: AngularJS 1.2 $injector:modulerr David answer



I gained this error because I had a dependency on an additional module that was not loaded.

angular.module("app", <"kendo.directives">).controller("MyCtrl", function()...

so even though I had actually all the Angular modules, i didn"t have actually the kendo one.


ok if girlfriend are acquiring a Uncaught Error: <$injector:modulerr> and also the angular module is in the error the is telling you, you have actually an duplicate ng-app module.

Make certain that the variable the holds your angular.module is structured correctly.

This will fail with "Uncaught Error: <$injector:modulerr>":

var angApp = angular.module("angApp");This works:

var angApp = angular.module("angApp", <>);It"s a sneaky one because the error article doesn"t allude to one thing in specific (Thus the wide range of answers). Additionally, many js linters won"t catch the particulars. Save at it!

I had exactly the exact same problem and what fixed it to be to remove the closure:

$(function() var app = angular.module("myApp", <>); app.controller("myController", function() ... ););becomes:

var app = angular.module("myApp", <>); app.controller("myController", function() ...);
The error means that the exposed injector to be unable to situate the dependency "ngResource". The script tag in the welcomed answer provides this dependency.

You will additionally get the same error if you add any practice modules in the dependencies but did not include the manuscript tag for including the ".js" file containing the dependency.

Just cram this in in case it helps, I had actually this issue and the factor for me was since when i bundled mine Angular stuff i referenced the key app record as "AngularWebApp" instead of "AngularWebApp.js", expect this helps.

I had additionally same issue, I have just removed following line of password from BundleConfig.cs file and my password is functioning fine.

BundleTable.EnableOptimizations = true;

Do not load the javascript within the cdn connect script tag.Use a separate script tag because that loading the AngularJs scripts.I had the same issue however I developed a different
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