ns downloaded a file for a video game that calls for Java come run.When i downloaded the file it saved as a WinRAR file. Therefore I best clicked the record and pressed open with Java platform SE Binary (As the was the just Java add-on that came up). Then an Error article came up which says:

Java Installation not Completed. Unable to download Java. There are errors in the adhering to switches: ("C:UsersMyNameDesktopThe record name because that The Game(2).jar"). Inspect that the commands are precious and shot again.

But ns have already Installed Java as well.

Has anyone got a settle they might recommend?

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One that your documents is corrupted. Merely download Jarfix and also run it.

The breakdown has an easy and useful website to utilizing Jarfix. Just follow the instructions and download that in the attach below:



This can be run by utilizing Command prompt

Open Command notice (in windows: Windows+R -> kind "cmd" climate enter)

Follow the course specified come your specific folder(upto wherein your jar record exists)for example: D:projectsfolder1innerFolder>

now, java -jar filename.jar (then enter)

for example: D:projectsfolder1innerFolder>java -jar filename.jar

Finally you deserve to see her output

Note: install java and also also set path in environment variables



go try to open up it via cmd through following:

press victory + "R" and form in "cmd" and also press Enter

Then you form in the following:

java -jar C:UsersMyNameDesktopThe paper name because that The Game(2).jarif that dont work try to give an ext information (the full error, where carry out you acquire the error? as a Messagebox? Or as terminal output?)

It"s very basic and easy!go to your downloads folderClick top top the part where it says downloads and also press backspace.It should display the download icon and also an empty bar.In that area, type: cmdthen press enterOnce command notice is open, typejava - jug (NAME of FILE).jarExample: java -jar Optifine-1.16.5.jarthen push enter. You"re done!

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