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NTR and also Rape is a genre that has a huge divide in the hentai community. On one side you have people who gain it because that a variety of reasons (one gift the aspect of S&M), while others can't was standing it and also feel it damages hentai. Ns myself to be personally in the middle. I do find myself no liking most NTR hentai's however there room defiantly some that space worth time and also praise. Ns myself don't believe that if NTR is her favorite genre means, you are a rapist. The only thing is to understand what is a fantasy and also what is reality. With that in mind i do discover myself enjoy it some elements of NTR yet I constantly feel most hentai's amp this up to 1000 and make me inquiry myself prior to going to sleep (I am fucking looking at you Boku no Yayoi-san). However, after searching for a while I uncovered the perfect hentai that mixes the great qualities the NTR with various other aspects. Ns am the course talking about: "Tsun M! Gyutto Shibatte Shidoushite The Animation". Story: 10/10.The story in Tsun M! is genius. I can see most people liking NTR due to some particular kink they have that really just NTR perfect (but it a horrid way). Tsun M! take away the whole foundations of the NTR genre and also knocks it on that is head. The hentai go this by do the masculine lead have actually sexual fantasies of points such as S&M, and starts on a high keep in mind by his girlfriend (/student) discovering his addictions. Five yeah and she is Tsundere. HOW has actually THIS no BEEN excellent BEFORE? it is precise the formula because that a successful, ironic and down ideal hilarious collection (which i assume the creators didn't average to do xD) . Instead of making the key female gain fluffed and also fluffed till she bursts and loves law it renders sure to establish a partnership with the two personalities that is tangible, while also giving the main female command an archetype that fits the mold of the aspects it is borrowing native NTR. Long story short, the story is pretty cursed amazing. Art and also Animation: 7/10.The one fence that originates from the remarkable premise is the art and animation (or furthermore the inconsistencies scattered v out). If ns am evaluate the art exclusively on external appearance, it is good. I feel if lock went with a an ext defined shade pallet it might have resolved even better but what they went v is still pretty good. The illustration themselves are pretty good too. But a trouble I have actually with the art is the lot of errors there room in regards to continuity. For one scene you'll have actually it to where Saki still has actually her panties on, and then the following scene simply makes lock disappear and then that is earlier on her thighs in the following shot. Return small, errors favor these can be distracting native the all at once experience. The animation also feels choppy in part scenes and not in a good way. The collection does do decent use of its perspective shots so these art and also animation issues don't hinder the overall product together much. Sound: 8/10.Sound is really good. All that really demands to be said.Character: 9/10. Saki Koike is an impressive female lead, however I will admit the factor she stands the end so lot is because of the complexity of the premise. However that does no take far from the reality that she is simply an amazing character. Her design is very appealing and also dare ns say reminds me a many Kotegawa, Chisa indigenous the anime grand Blue (which is a really big plus for me). She personality is what you'd expect, standard Tsun. But hey, if the trope was broke then I would certainly say something, and like ns said before she really compliments the narrative structure! Enjoyment: 8/10.The story chin was amazing to view unfold and the personality of Saki Koike to be amazing! The art and animation can be stiff, and opaque in design, but all at once it gets the job done with only a couple of short down-swings. Overall: 8/10.Overall, i would highly recommend girlfriend go inspect out "Tsun M! Gyutto Shibatte Shidoushite The Animation". If you room a NTR fan you will favor this, if you space not a NTR fan due to the fact that of the rape then YOU WILL definitely LIKE THIS, together it is more of a way to make funny of the genre. Simply go clock it! ns swear girlfriend won't regret it! currently let's simply hope this it s okay an episode 2!