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After rescuing Saendra in the autumn of The Phoenix mission, there is a possibility for a brand-new distress contact from her again. Steele may receive a message while onboard Tavros Station and also when Saendra"s existing affection because that Steele is high. The distress speak to will asking for aid in helping Saendra in something perhaps dangerous.

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This quest will be greatly time-based and the outcome will certainly vary based on when Steele decides to respond.

To respond come the emergency, Steele has actually to accomplish up with Saendra at Deck 92 ~ above Tavros terminal within 6 hrs of the call. If Steele come at the station"s hangar elevator too late, Saendra will certainly be absent and she whereabouts will be unknown indefinitely. If arriving on time, Steele will fulfill Saendra top top the building site that Deck 92. Here, both will certainly be ambushed through a group of assassins. Shedding to the conference will cause a bad end, vice versa, a success will disclose that Saendra"s girlfriend is in danger and also Steele will have less than 7 job to aid Saendra rescue her friend.

Depending top top the decision made during the rescue mission, the results might vary, consisting of a Bad End or the capture of Saendra by black Void pirates.

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Rescued Saendra in loss of The Phoenix Saendra"s affection is in ~ 60% or greater Steele is currently arriving to Tavros Station

Saendra"s Involvement


During this quest Saendra will be accessible to assist both in and outside the combat.

If engaged in combat, Saendra will have the adhering to combat actions:

Hammer Pistol - strike that transaction kinetic damage to the opponent.Low Blow - strike that deals kinetic damage to the opponent.Valeria Shield Hack - strike that deals electric damages to the opponent"s shields.Shield Booster - Special capacity where she will regain Steele"s shields by 25% of the capacity if they are not maxed out.Disarming Shot - Special capacity with a chance to in the interim disarm one opponent.

Areas and also Encounters

Steele will certainly undergo automatic development during the quest, through varying encounters follow me the way. Many of the interactivity will certainly take place with the branched decision-making and combat actions, if any.

NPCsThe Hostage - Saendra"s friend that works in ~ the station.Bodyguard - Guard at the area of interest.Call Girl - Prostitute in a surrounding room.HostilesBlack Void Pirate Gang - A group of pirate assassins the ambush Steele and also Saendra on Deck 92. Black Void Mercenary - Pirate guarding the room"s interior.Black Void technology Specialist - Pirate hacking the computers and guarding the hostage.
Map of Deck 92
Deck 92

After leave the elevator and also arriving ~ above the deck"s building and construction site, Steele and Saendra will instantly encounter a corridor of black color Void assassins. Since of the setting, the entire fight will take location in "Pitch Black", decreasing aim and also reflexes by 33%. Losing in fight will lead to a bad end. Success in battle will return Steele ago to the elevator and Saendra earlier to the bar.

Map the Anon"s Board(Connected to Anon"s Bar)
Anon"s Bar & Board

At this point, Steele will then have actually less 보다 7 job to go to Anon"s Bar, method Saendra, and also talk come her about Her Friend. If done also late, Saendra will have actually some negative news around him. If excellent on time, Steele and Saendra will situate the exclusive room upstairs indigenous Anon"s bar and also proceed through the rescue mission.

Trials In Tainted an are Wiki

When in ~ the hotel corridor, the very first encounter will certainly involve knocking out a non-combative bodyguard, v the resolution varying based upon Steele"s attributes. The bodyguard will certainly drop his gun and Steele can choose to one of two people Take It or Leave It. After that , Steele will be presented v a range of decisions to arrangement out the rescue and attend to the other guards inside the room.

Steele can choose to:

Barge in with a Door Breach: This will result in combat v both that the guards. Use the Call Girl as a distraction: Pay she 500 credits because that half-an-hour that sex. Pay her 500 credits to odor the guards. This will certainly disable the mercenary guard, leave Saendra to deal with the tech Specialist in quick order.Ask Saendra for help: This will give Steele the idea to suggest that Saendra should Distract the safety This will disable the mercenary guard.Ask Valeria for help: If Steele is a technology specialist, the option to Holo Burn will be accessible This will certainly disable the technology specialist guard. Litter in a Flashbang and also storm the room: have to be a smuggler or have actually a flashbang on hand. This will an outcome in combat with the mercenary guard and the technology Specialist, other than they will have actually the Blinded status effect.

Notable Items and also Rewards


Secure MP - plunder from an unconscious bodyguard.Pirate Datapad - found at the ar after the rescue.5,000 credits - Taken indigenous the datapad.

Bad Ends

Losing come the black Void assassins in combat will bring about the catch of Saendra, and also Steele will certainly be taken turn off to come to be a sex servant for Beth Carver"s company.

Losing come the mercenary security in combat will lead to the catch of Saendra and Steele"s death. Losing to the technology Specialist will an outcome in Saendra"s capture, yet Steele will be spared.


If the moment for the rescue mission had actually expired and also Steele has talked come Saendra around Her Friend, receiving the bad news in the process, the alternative for Steele to assist pay because that a complete refit of the Phoenix will be unlocked. Picking to Offer Credits because that the ship"s relax will expense Steele 20,000 credits. After payment her, Saendra will certainly be off for about 24 hours.

If the rescue mission was successful, Peter, the hostage and Saendra"s friend, will have obtained the permissions to enable The Phoenix to leave the station. Perfect the mission will likewise open increase a dialogue to talk about The Pirates, leading Saendra to spill several of her past, and also her relations to Mirian Bragga, to Steele.

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Either of these outcomes will set her best affection border to 100% and increase her current affection through 30%, officially finishing this part of the quest and leaves Saendra potentially open up to future adventures. Mac os high sierra usb installer download.